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It depends. If you use a lot of Microsoft products and services, probably go for Windows Phone. If your invested in the Apple ecosystem, then go for the iPhone. Both platforms handle 3rd party services like Google accounts just fine. Also, keep in mind that Windows Phone 7 is actually a brand new platform for Microsoft so it is less mature than the iPhone ecosystem as of now, although the app ecosystem is already growing at an impressive rate. 

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iPhone 3G only!? Screw that, I`ll wait till Windows Phone 7 comes out and get a WP7 device instead. And plus I can get new achievements for an online gaming services thats actually worth getting achievements for (Xbox Live).  

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Hey, at least Nintendo is embracing digital download technology. Sometimes its actually put to good use. Sometimes. 

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" So? "
Well, there seems to be a lot of J Allard fans out there (including the GiantBomb staff), so just thought it would be a good idea to point this out. 
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This isnt a fake account. And there are two reason why it isnt. 

1. Go search up J Allard on Twiiter, youll find a couple accounts, but none of them are trying to be a "fake" J Allard, there all real people who probably dont even know who the guy is. 

2. Actual Microsoft employees (from the same division) follow him, like this guy: http://twitter.com/ckindel and hes pretty well known and has a blog on MSDN (only MS employees have blogs on MSDN). It also seems like Allard just made this account, as "ckindel" literally just started following him.

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What would you rather have? And explain why. 

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I just kind of realized this, and its kind of sad. However, I still enjoy keeping up with latest gaming/industry news. Is anybody else in the position as I am?  

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Would like to know if this is true. And I'm specifically talking about the online multi-player mode not the story-mode/coop stuff. 

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@lordofultima said:
" Giantbomb is going to run K&L2 ads, and Jeff is going to review it again and end up firing himself for not rating it high enough. "
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school, theres always something that happens in school that gets me worried