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If you own a 360, you need this game. 0

When I first saw Gears of war I was blown away. By its graphics, gameplay, music, just about everything. I knew that this game would become the next "Halo" for the Xbox. The point is. is that you need Gears of War in your 360 collection no matter what. I've rarely been this impressed by a video game. Gears of War--the single player campaign, at least--is a truly stunning and epic experience. The game is rated Mature 17+, so it's obviously not for kids, and the violence, language, and horror elem...

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The Game that started the "tycoon" business. 0

This series is known for coming out of the cereal box for free. Thats how i started to get into these series. Roller Coaster tycoon is a very fun and addicting game that can suck you in for hours on end. In the game, there mission based objectives in which you must complete a certain goal. For example, your mission is to have at least 1500 guests with a park rating of 600. From there you plant pre-built rides onto areas in your park or you can manually build rides yourself. There is also the res...

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the perfect package game. 0

 When i first got my Xbox 360 it came with two game. Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance (MUA). I knew Forza 2 was an awesome racing game, but i wasn't into the racing genre. So I went into MUA not expecting much. But to my surprise was a game i truly enjoyed. MUA is a marvel game and it starts you out with super heroes. Later into the game you unlock more marvel super heroes and create a new clan. I am not into marvel or super heroes. But the thing about this game is that you don't have to be ...

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Not better than the orginal but still addiciting. 0

When I first played the original Roller coaster tycoon i got lost in the game for hours on end. It was highly addicting and captured the feel of what its like to be pressured by banks. Roller Coaster tycoon 2 (RC2) on the other hand feels much like the original. Instead of changing the look of the game, few areas in the graphics department have been tweaked slightly to make rides look move more realistically. The Interface of the game hasn't dramatically just, once again, has been slightly tweak...

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