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Could this herald the arrival of a "new" WiiU as well?

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"Dave Stohl"?



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...or you end up with games like BioShock Infinite, games seemingly constrained by the need to be a shooter to sell.

Somewhere in Boston Ken Levine breathes a sigh of relief that someone finally "gets it" and proceeds to make "BioShock: The One About a Fantastical City Full of Nice People and is Run By a Genuinely Kind-Hearted Man/Woman With a Nice Disposition".

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@gokaired: I agree, they really took their sweet time with this one.

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Ohh Gawd...I think I just creamed myself.

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Thanks for being a part of my gaming life for the last eight years Ryan, you were a one-of-a-kind man in this industry. My heartfelt condolences to Ryan's family and his widow.

Rest in peace duder.

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This just cannot be true...

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Guess he wasn't getting enough 'tears of children' at Microsoft.

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No "- A" this time?

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@nightriff: I grew pretty weary of the BGWTB's sound pretty quickly and rarely find myself revisiting it with the sole exception being the track 'When the Sun Rose Again'. With Dinosaurs however, I've been listening to the album from top-to-bottom ever since I got my mitts on it, I don't know why but there's a sense of familiarity within this record that was missing from the last one; well that and the vastly improved sound.