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@nightriff: Indeed. As if the monstrous requirements for Unity on PC wasn't enough.

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Could this herald the arrival of a "new" WiiU as well?

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"Dave Stohl"?



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...or you end up with games like BioShock Infinite, games seemingly constrained by the need to be a shooter to sell.

Somewhere in Boston Ken Levine breathes a sigh of relief that someone finally "gets it" and proceeds to make "BioShock: The One About a Fantastical City Full of Nice People and is Run By a Genuinely Kind-Hearted Man/Woman With a Nice Disposition".

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@gokaired: I agree, they really took their sweet time with this one.

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Ohh Gawd...I think I just creamed myself.

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Thanks for being a part of my gaming life for the last eight years Ryan, you were a one-of-a-kind man in this industry. My heartfelt condolences to Ryan's family and his widow.

Rest in peace duder.

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This just cannot be true...

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Guess he wasn't getting enough 'tears of children' at Microsoft.

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No "- A" this time?