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Haha no one? xD

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What about No one lives forever 3? Do we want another? What will it be then?

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Personally I totally love the map creator tool. I really hopes they put together a nice editor to create awesome maps and missions! :D

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I'm also a huge Hitman fan and played it since back in 2000.

Wishlist for the Hitman sequel:

  • Bigger Maps¬†
  • More Missions
  • Huge Variation (Replay value)
  • More Guns To Play With
  • More "Death Types"
  • Amazing Story
  • Able to hide in the dark
  • More 47 moves
  • Create own mission and maps with a map editor
  • Multiplayer
  • Advanced AI
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As many of you know, Timesplitters 4 has been announced. So what are you guys most excited about this game?

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Meat? xD

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SyneticK said:
"Yeah, I'm super pumped for this game, like wth ubi? Well, I've read about it and it does sound pretty ambitious and a lot different, let's just hope this extra time is for the best. and I agree with IroncladMerc. What's up with everyone jumping on the damn casual game waggon? "
Because the "core" casual games have better sales then hardcore games.
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xplodedd said:
"hankez said:
"Maby, but they could have gave us a little info, a release date or some guy says "Hey Splinter Cell i coming!""
but you already know splinter cell is coming, thats the problem, they already said that, and they dont want to be pressured into making this game.
According to rumours they rebuilding the entire game from scratch but I still hopes for a release this year.
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Maby, but they could have gave us a little info, a release date or some guy says "Hey Splinter Cell is coming!"

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So, E3 is over and no Conviction news! What are Ubisoft doing?

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