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Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have put more hours into this game than any other game. It is the only RPG that I have gone back to and played as a second character.

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Because when I played youth soccer I spent more time on the side lines that playing in the game.

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I would say 2013 because I barely played any games last year.

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I don't have time to read, but I have time to listen to audiobooks. Most of my recommendations came from there and it's pretty good. I'm enjoying Peter Clines books. 14 is a fun listen and his EX series is improving with each release.

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I don't do late night gaming sessions. Once I'm done, I let my mind wind down with a movie. I also takes lots of pills. Sleeping is the best part of the day.See the screen is floating while I type this. I'm A HIppie!

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Gaming is everywhere. How can it be dying?

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Star Wars: The Old Republic is an awesome game. I am not a fan of MMORPGs or multiplayer in general and SWTOR is in my all time top ten. There is a huge amount of content and story in this game. There were times I sat down and played the game for eight hours straight. I don't do that. I rarely game for more than two hours a day, if that. I'm about ready to start playing the game again after a five month break.

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I was so wrong about Metroid Prime. When it first came out I hated this game. The controls were dumb. The backtracking was dumb. I tried to get into the game but could not. I was playing it like a first person shooter because I had never played a Metroid game before. I remember venting my frustrations about the game on Usenet (alt.games.video.nintendo.gamecube to be exact). I promptly sold the game after putting in five hours.

Maybe two years later people still talked how great Metroid Prime was so I decided to give it another chance. The game clicked with me the second time. I didn't play it like a first person shooter, but a first person adventure. I really fell in love with the game. The Phandrana Drifts might be one of my all time favorite areas. I so enjoyed the game, that whenever I see someone talk about Metroid Prime I want to play the game all over again. I still have my Wii hooked up just in case I need to play through again.

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Now I'm even less interested in the Oculus Rift.

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I only eat breakfast at McDonalds. Usually a sausage egg McMuffin or McGriddle if I'm feeling suicidal.