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Drew should walk around dressed like Thor.

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Audiobooks are the best way to enjoy are Star Wars novel. The have cool sound effects that detracts from how dumb the stories can be. I still love Star Wars and have gone back to SWTOR again.

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Just because the Half-Life series may not carry on in game form does not mean it doesn't exist in my fan fiction.

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I bought one for Chirstmas and I love it. Just being able to play the Metroid Prime trilogy makes it worth the money.

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I finished Metroid Prime for the fifth time last weekend.

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@tehpickle: It's his character. New game comes out so I'm going to build it up by trashing the last game (while not actually fixing the issues). He's only self-critical when he gets called out on his bullshit. He's never learned his lesson. He pulls the same crap with each game. I love Molyneux's game even the flaws, but I'm not going to defend him anymore.

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Black & White was the game that taught me to ignore previews until one month until the game is released. I was so hyped for the game and so disappointed once I played it. That lesson is why I enjoyed Fable 1 and 2 for what they were instead of hating them for what they were not. What made me hate Molyneux is when he trashes his old game right before the new one is released. Honestly, I don't feel bad for all of this happening to him. He brought it on himself. He has never learned his lesson.

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I was on Usenet from 2001 through 2008(?). Google Groups has archived many of my threads. I loved engaging the trolls and arguing with people. I was a dick. I have no desire to do that anymore.

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As much as I dislike JRPGs, I'm going to go with adventure games. I have never been entertained by an adventure game.