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Breaking: Gearbox is buying Prey 2 and releasing the game "as is" in six months.

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Don't you people see what Nintendo is trying to do? They want to subliminally put Nintendo products into your dreams so you want to buy more Nintendo products. It's how they plan to sell more WiiUs. Think about it with an open mind and you will see I am right.

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I like Worth Reading on Fridays more than Monday. It gave me a bunch of articles to read over the weekend.

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You shot who in the what now?

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I love how they put Howard the Duck in the end credit scene.

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14+ hour work days and I'm not paid by the hour.

That's very weird. What type of job you have that doesn't pay by the hour?

A salary job? That's not uncommon.

I'm not salary. I have a uniform delivery route. It's base plus commission. You are not done until everything has been delivered. I only work 4 days a week, but working 48 to 50 hours in four days is completely different than doing it in 5.

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14+ hour work days and I'm not paid by the hour.

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Fable 3. I have such fond memories of the first two Fable games, flaws and all. The third was such a disappointment. Between the ridiculous menu system and the final act I can no longer be excited about a Fable game.