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Great song selection. Too bad I'm done with GH. I hope Slayer and Dethklok put up music for Rock Band 3

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Counter Strike 2. Book it.

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I can't think of a game that has ever had such wildly mixed reactions. I think that's more proof than anything that SWERY has successfully mimicked a David Lynch production.

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@Milkman: They talked a lot about the shitty control and combat (especially hating the wall crawler ladies) towards the beginning of discussing the game. They also complained later about how long it takes to drive.
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I think the Twin Peaks influence is being overplayed here. I've watched all of Twin Peaks, and all of the predictions I made based on how Twin Peaks went were entirely wrong. Even in retrospect I couldn't have guessed it. It borrows the setting, which is minor considering how detailed the fiction is, and borrows a little of the mood (though not entirely, as anyone who has watched Twin Peaks can attest). There are no character equivalents between the two series, other than roles. Thomas acts KIND of like Andy, though we all know where that goes.

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@MooseyMcMan: I quite like the new Dominos. If you haven't given it a shot you should. 
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@OneManX: I think at this point saying "Dammit Brad" is just a reflex and not actually indicative of whether or not Brad is at fault.
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@CL60: If you've never actually done what you're criticizing, you don't actually understand it. Being told how good it feels to be drunk/to smoke/to be high is not the same as actually feeling it.
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God damn a lot of Giant Bomb regs are wimps.  
To clarify, you're not a wimp for not smoking cigs/weed/drinking, you're a wimp if you've never done it and get ridiculously preachy about why you shouldn't. 
Happens in every damn vice thread.