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1. Wyatt uses the crab walk in an attempt to intimidate Ambrose. Ambrose is not phased by this and attacks anyway.

2. The ghost of Sister Abigail (hologram or titantron video) will turn the lights out during the match and distract Ambrose allowing Wyatt to get the victory.

3. During the Cena/Rollins match, members of Team Authority will come out to help Rollins and members of Team Cena will come out to stop them, leading to a brawl in the middle of the match.

Divas match time: 6 minutes

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@bisonhero: Sjow was using Neptulon in a non-murloc deck and it seemed decent. It's basically a super Ancient of Lore. Just think of the Murlocs you draw as more totems Shamans use to garbage up the board like they like to do. It's a pretty clever design when you think about how often Shamans grind out the game to the point where both players have used up all removal and are in topdecking wars. (I hate Shamans.)

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What deck are you guys using for ladder? I've pretty much been playing Warrior exclusively since GvG launched. This is my latest iteration:

Bouncing Blade: Not as good as I thought it was going to be. Terrible against aggro because of all the 1-2 health minions. Great against Warrior and Priest cause you can kill off everything else they've got on the board and then turn this into a Deadly Shot.

Antique Healbot/Shieldmaiden: Allows for an extremely greedy late game. These 4 beat aggro by themselves. You draw one and then you're pretty much guaranteed to live long enough to draw the others.

Dr. Boom: Good for baiting out removal. The Boom Bots still get value and may even draw silence. I started playing him for fun but he's not bad.

Troggzor: This guy is the Sylvannas for spells. You can't ignore him and he's awkward to play around. I put him in because I was getting beaten badly by Priest and figured he'd help. Good against those new Mage and Shaman decks too.

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@fredchuckdave: Yeah, it's rarely bad. Even when you get something seemingly innocuous like a Dark Iron Dwarf, the value is too high. How funny is it that during the initial review after Blizzcon, people were saying it was terrible? Lifecoach was adamant about how no one would ever play it.

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Remeber how awesome Games Radar used to be? Those classic TalkRadar podcasts with Chris, Michael, Henry and Bret were great.

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As a Warrior player I seriously can't imagine how we ever survived the ladder before now. Shield Maiden and Antique Heal Bot are A-Maz-ing. My win-rate against both Hunter and Zoo is 100% with these additions. I just sit back and they can play whatever they want and it doesn't matter. I just heal for days and can comfortably kill everything they've got. I actually got a zoo down to 2 cards! I don't think I've ever done that before.

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I can't wait for GvG to change things up tomorrow. I'm sooooooo ready for Hunter and Zoo to either go away or change completely. I've been skipping 40-50% of the tournaments I've been watching lately because those 2 are so boring to watch. It doesn't even matter who's using the deck or what deck they're going against. I'm skipping them all at this point. So sad to see guys like Strifecro bring Zoo to tournaments. Blah. I really hope aggro takes a break for a while.

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@bbalpert: It's beasts on the board. I guess the card would have been too wordy to mirror the text of Frostwolf Warlord. There have always been slight problems with the verbiage on Hearthstone cards, though. They don't want the card texts to be too long or complicated.

I think the one I have the most problem with is Lightbomb. It says: "Deal damage to each minion equal to its attack." Originally, I thought this was a mistake and that it meant that you choose a minion and then all minions take that attack damage. Kind of like Shadowflame. In my opinion it should read: "Deal damage to each minion equal to that minion's respective attack value."

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I guess what I mean is that Blizzard is used to overcharging Druid for removal spells, or giving them removal spells that are difficult to use in some way.

As well they should. Druid players are playing Cairne on turn 2. They're can't cry about lack of removal.

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I'm way more excited for a real demon deck than a pirate or mech one now. Floating Watcher is basically guaranteed to get out of control if it lives a turn. Kezan Mystic seems good but too bad there isn't just a 2 mana, "destroy all enemy secrets" neutral. I guess they didn't want to discourage secrets too much after bringing them back with Naxx.

Iron Juggernaut seems awesome. A 16/5 that denies your opponent a draw. I know what I'm crafting first!! Crush will be a welcome addition as well. I think BGH can probably be subbed out to make room for it. It will be interesting finding the perfect balance for this new stuff.