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@hansolol: he's probably someone who is not up for a grand new adventure for his life and wants to play it safe

Sure, that's fine. ESFJ's are considered to be one of the most boring types. They're very people-focused. I kind of roll my eyes when someone is asked what their hobbies are and the only thing they can come up with is, "hang with friends."

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@shindig said:

Thing is, Cena has nothing going outside the ring. With the possible exception of some fitness bollocks. How's he going to cope with all that boredom?

Oh, man. I couldn't believe when Austin kept asking him on his podcast, "so what do you like to do for fun?" and his answer was just, "work, gym, cars." And you can tell Austin is trying to get more out of him and maybe talk about something other than those 3 things but he really doesn't have a life outside of bodybuilding and buying cars.

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@imbask: Florida is one of the shittiest locations for crowd reactions. Then again, midcarders usually don't get much of a reaction, period. It doesn't seem like most crowds take the angles seriously unless they're main event or slightly below (i.e. Shield aftermath).

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@papercut said:

Looking forward to first time HEEL KOFI

Yeah, man, same here. I remember a year ago when Kofi got put through 3 tables by Ryback, I thought for sure when he took a couple months off that he'd return with a new haircut and a new heel gimmick. I bet he's happy to be able to do something new for once after all these years of being a vanilla, Cena-junior, goody-two-shoes.

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Jericho is so terrible in the ring


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Actually, you know what, I changed my mind. Let the Usos keep their titles for now. It'll be a bigger deal when The Ascension beats their asses and takes them away!

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I think every decision regarding the booking last night was incorrect.

0 stars. F plus. Fuck off.

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Krazy predictions:

1. Big Show is a surprise entrant into the battle royal and eliminates Cesaro setting up a feud.

2. Fandango announces Rosa Mendes as his new valet.

3. Rollins will interfere in the World Title match to prevent Reigns from winning but the dissension within The Authority will lead to them fighting each other allowing Cena to sneak in the win.

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Oh, no. Is that the Twitter bird on Dreamer's pants? God, that looks stupid.