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They should do a spot where Wyatt tries to scare Ambrose with the crab walk and Ambrose, undeterred, gives him a flying elbow right on his gut.

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So, apparently AJ may be leaving after TLC? If that's true, I'm super curious to see who gets the title. The only 2 women not on Total Divas are Layla and Emma. Which probably means that if the "none of the Total Divas can hold the title" rule stays in effect then Charlotte is coming up and will win the belt.

As long as neither Brie nor Nikki get it, I'm good.

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Tyson Kidd should be on Team Authority.

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@skippersonne: The Full Sail tapings can be a little too much for me sometimes. 4 hours is so draining. Also there tend to be slightly fewer loud jerks at the house shows, which is nice.

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They don't have to do deliberations. I'd be happy with each person putting out a personal list.

And it's Dead Rising 1.

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Ok, so the only thing that makes sense in regards to how that list was compiled is that they took current status into account when making it. It doesn't seem to be a measure of skill as much as a measure of TV time, at least for the WWE wrestlers.

Though, I suppose Natalya's position kind of ruins that theory given that she's mostly just Tyson Kidd's arm candy at this point.

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@gorillamopena: Right, but then the problem is that he's an unlikable protagonist because he shows how easily manipulated he can be. Someone makes him an offer and he follows without a thought.

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@hunkulese said:

I don't see why people are getting bent out of shape by Ryback. He didn't do a heel or face turn last night. He cares about the Big Guy that's all. He never sided with the authority.

Well, he did side with The Authority for the money and title opportunities like he said. But yeah, that's totally fine as long as he doesn't end up on Cena's team at Survivor Series. Otherwise, here are the motivations for each of the participants:

  • Cena: "I hate The Authority and especially Rollins."
  • Ziggler: "I too, hate The Authority."
  • Big Show: "I want to kill Henry."
  • Sheamus: "I want to kill Rusev."
  • Ryback: "I was mildly annoyed with The Authority one night a few weeks ago."
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"Hey do you guys hear the big crowd reactions Ryback has been getting lately since he returned? We really made a good decision to give him his old babyface 'feed me more' gimmick back to him."

"Yeah, how bout we really capitalize on that by turning him heel and then turning him back in the same night? What do you say?"