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It's always embarrassing to hear someone mispronounce it as, "knee-chee." But man, "kneech-kay?" Yikes.

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Looks like Orton/Cena at HIAC is going to be the main event. You never let me down WWE. Nice work.

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rusev sucks

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"Sometimes it"s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. As Dean Ambrose was."

That is so obviously a Vince line. Seriously, Cena not only can't be pinned, he has to lose with interference in a pole match. And then to top it all off the announcers have to reassure the audience that the only reason he lost was cause the other guy got lucky.

I should be happy that it's going to be Ambrose vs Rollins in the main event of Hell in a Cell but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being Orton vs Cena that closes the show.

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What I want to know is: how long was that losing streak Kane was on before he won?

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The wrestling thread has gone mad.

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Hmm, Rusev vs Cena at Wrestlemania is being rumored. I actually kind of like that. It ties up the 2 most boring guys on TV so I can skip the whole thing. Book it.

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To this day I have no idea why they cut the legs off of him.

Because he was terrible!

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@milkman: Also, doesn't it make AJ look like the biggest heel/quitter ever? She yells at Emma to go for the pin and when she doesn't AJ decides she's just going to quit and walk out. I can only hope this leads to Emma calling out AJ next week or something which then leads to a feud for the title. Otherwise, the whole thing was just to make Emma look like a total jobber/terrible wrestler/female Eugene.

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Am I crazy or was that Vinny on the subway train on Raw?