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@ericsmith: Yeah, seriously. This has been happening forever. Every time someone starts getting a big reaction from the crowd WWE says, how do we parlay this into getting Cena over even more?

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Pfftt hahaha. Really, WWE?

"Wow, have you guys heard about all the titles changes that have been happening lately? I'm definitely signing up for a network subscription now!!!" -every wrestling fan in the world according to Vince . . . (he hopes)

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Seems we're in full on 2009 mode with the Divas title. Every month the belt changes hands to rack up number of reigns.

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@doomocrat said:

Hated her win over Natty.

You thought Natalya should have won the title?

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Baron Corbin continues to be badass. Looking forward to what they do with him in the future.

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I think it's funny that, when the topic of Sandow comes up, some people say, "how is he getting buried? He's on tv every week." This stunt double stuff is the best thing they've allowed him to do but it would be better suited to someone like Slater.

"No, sorry, Sandow, we don't have any room in our 3 hour show to do anything decent with you. Make way for garbage Total Divas segments, same old shit Rusev feuds and 20 minute-you've heard it a million times-Cena promos."

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@gorillamopena: I'm fine with the announcer mentioning the phrase, "from his seasonal residence in" or "now residing in" but Nikki Bella is billed as being from San Diego. I just can't get over that.

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@hunkulese: @corruptedevil: I know I'm being pedantic but I just want a little consistency. Is Hideo Itami going to be announced as being from Tampa, Florida?

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So, apparently Nikki is from San Diego and Brie is from Scottsdale, Arizona. In the canon of WWE, identical twins were born in completely different states. We should all feel dumb for attempting any logical reasoning when it comes to WWE and the decisions they make. They really don't put any thought into anything.

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@fly53corps said:

I get the Bayley attraction and why people would like her: but it's not an act for me...

Sorry, what?