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Fella the buzzards.

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Boulderfist Roguer :/

Wrathguard looks badass. Finally a card to get excited about.

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I should probably note that I barely know any WoW lore and kinda just randomly Google searched WoW TCG images for these.

It sucks when you hard mulligan for either Fiery War Axe or Death's Bite and don't get them against something like Zoo or Mech Shaman. This feels crappy at 2 mana and a little OP at 1. The obvious comparison is Sense Demons. I figure if you play this with no weapons left in your deck you get a 3 mana 3/1 weapon put into your hand called Broken War Axe or Cracked Warhammer or something like that.

I mentioned this in the other thread. Pretty self-explanatory. It gives you an extra hit on turn 4 against aggressive decks or could turn into a win condition in the late game if your opponent can't remove it. I think it's fairly balanced because it's a pretty dead card if you don't have a weapon equipped. Perhaps it should only give +1 durability and no attack.

Not much to say here, again. Sometimes you find yourself dealing with early minions only to see that it's turn 5 and you're down to sub-15 health. Or, sometimes you find that the only way you're going to clear that giant this turn is to face-tank it and Execute. This ability was taken from Hunter's Gladiator's Longbow but it's a much better fit for Warrior. The more I look at this the less appealing it seems.

I made this with the assumption that the Patron deck is going to be nerfed somehow in the future. Obviously they don't need more card draw in their current state. This is for Control Warrior. Sometimes your Acolyte of Pain only draws 1 card and you're kind of screwed. This card gets better the longer the game goes but is also decent for a quick cantrip in the mid-game. It also forces you to play a "should I/shouldn't I" game of chicken with your life total because your hero has to deal the killing blow to trigger the effect. You might find yourself dying to your own greed.

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@mentaldisruption: Patron Warrior is a deck in a meta with only soft counters. Handlock, Control Warrior, Oil Rogue and Mech Shaman do well against it but they're only like 65% favored at max I think. Patron is the reason everyone is running either Harrison, Ooze or both.

The funny thing is that the deck actually existed in a form pre-Patron, believe it or not. It was called Math Warrior and revolved around the Frothing OTK. When Patrons came out, people were trying stuff like Commanding Shout, Grom and Dread Corsairs. Eventually someone came to the conclusion that the entire deck should be trimmed to just draw cards, control the board with weapons, get Patrons out and finish with Frothing. They even went as far as cutting down to 1 Fiery War Axe!

It's a really fun deck, it's pretty cheap and it takes lots of skill. Everyone should at least try it out before it inevitably gets nerfed. Blizzard has already been doing their classic, "we're keeping an eye on it but have no plans as of now to nerf it" thing like they did with all the other cards. It sounds like they might be targeting Warsong Commander.

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Might be the worst card in the game? Nefarian and Saraad nerf.

What is going on? This was the vote card on their site? What the hell are they doing?

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That Spirit Healer card Kripp came up with is kind of genius. I had been thinking of something similar except my idea was to put a huge armor gain, instead of a heal, on both heroes on a smaller minion that could also be used for board control. That way it would discourage aggro players from playing it early in the game before any life had been lost.

Argent Watchman is cool but I wish it said "Inspire: Can attack as normal." Because then, you're basically incurring an overload cost. You're paying 4 mana for a vanilla 3 cost card on turn 2. Paying 2 mana for one minion to attack each turn is way too much. I at least like the idea of this and Coliseum Manager. You can see what they're attempting with these new high health low mana cards.

Also, hey Blizzard, you wanna slow down on the Mage cards there buddy? There are 9 classes, you know? And Amaz is revealing yet another Mage card tomorrow? C'mon! Where are the Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, Priest and Druid cards?? They only have 1 each!

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@imsh_pl: I'm still waiting for them to show the neutral cards that are actually going to do something to slow the meta down. Basically, I want to see TGT's version of Sludge Belcher and Healbot. Then I'll feel a lot better about this expansion. Because right now, if just those Inspire cards were placed into the game, I think they would be kind of worthless on the ladder against all the midrange/aggro/tempo-based decks.

Sludge Belcher and Healbot are great because they're strong against aggro but also serve a purpose against the more controlling decks. We need more cards like that. The new cards look awesome and seem to have a ton of potential value but they come with such a huge loss in tempo.

One of my favorite pro players, Brian Kibler, wrote an article that I pretty much totally agree with. He made up 5 cards he'd like to see and offers possible solutions to some of Hearthstone's design and meta problems. He wrote it after trying to make a Dragon Paladin work about 2 months ago but the problems he touches on still apply.

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Warrior is my favorite class and I've been trying to think of some good cards that could fit into the control deck.

I'd like some kind of "Inspire: Your hero is immune while attacking this turn." It would make a lot more sense in Warrior than in Hunter. It would make face tanking giants in the early game for Execute less painful.

Also, "Inspire: Give your weapon +1/+1." This would be awesome. It'd help against early aggro minions when you only have 1 weapon and it'd also be decent in the late game when you're trying to get the enemy down to 12-14 health for the Grom finisher.