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@andorski: I vaguely remember him calling his fans dolphins on Twitter back when he was the "hashtag heel."

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@shortbreadtom: Yeah, it's not so much that the boss is hard in that one, it's that the deck is garbage. Honestly, I wouldn't even blame it on bad draws in this instance. The deck is so bad that you're just drawing into more early game stuff that you end up playing your entire hand by turn 5. It's like, am I trying to get a Doomguard out here or something? When I finally did beat the challenge it was because I just went for face and hoped he couldn't remove my board.

Hey guys, Avenge+Ooze. Right? Right? Oh wait, secrets don't proc on your turn now so it doesn't work. They should have taken the number of Oozes and put in just as many Blessing of Kings. Seemed like I played a ton of Oozes and never found more than 1 Blessing each game. Not even sure there is more than 1 in the deck??

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Hey, not sure if anyone's a Spoony fan here but he occasionally does vlogs where he talks about wrestling. He's pretty knowledgeable but says crazy things like Ziggler and Barrett suck. His cynicism and jaded attitude towards everything WWE is pretty funny, though. And his fans always lose their minds in the comments section when he posts something new, which is fairly entertaining. His new Summerslam videos here are pretty great.

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@cmblasko said:

IMO the problem with Reigns is that his character seems to be 100% manufactured through the WWE creative machine. You look at guys like Bray, Rollins, Ambrose, Bryan, Punk and it is clear that they have spent time developing their own personalities and know how to get people invested in them. With Roman it seems - to me at least - that everything he says and does has been filtered through 20-30 writers who think they know what the audience will find "cool."

So, basically, Reigns is Michael Cole as a wrestler.

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Holy shit. Avenge and Zombie Chow are the lords of the arena. Getting a 2/3 out on turn 1 in arena is ridiculous.

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@meatball: Possibly. Rollins could have easily jumped from the floor onto Ambrose's head on the palette, though.

I'm not one of those guys who gets hung up when wrestling logic doesn't add up 100%. I'm willing to accept a decent amount of fudging to make things work. But if you're going to try and tell me that a force, one that smashes concrete, isn't enough to break a flimsy announce table, I can't accept that.

You know what? Smash a concrete palette with a sledgehammer and record the lowest amount of force required. Now, I'm actually willing to accept that that same force won't instantly kill a man when it's applied to his skull. That's fine, people get hit with sledgehammers all the time in wrestling. Now, imagine a scenario where that force is applied to an announce table and the table no sells the sledgehammer. Because, indirectly, that just happened on Raw.

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Botchamania is going to have a field day with that Raw main event. Ambrose takes a chokeslam and a curb stomp on the table and neither break it. He takes another stomp onto concrete and it breaks through to the bottom of the palette. They should have called an audible and had Kane chokeslam him onto the table again to break it.

Here's another Krazy prediction from the reigning champion of the world : Botchamania will do something with the original Mortal Kombat and incorporate the announce table into the block breaking mini-game.

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@crithon: Did what I say offend you? What's with the snarky response? Here's how the conversation was going from my perspective:

You: "Hey guys, I don't like card games but I'm playing one. Yo, what's up with that?"

replies: "Don't play it if you don't like it. The end."

Isn't a conversation about the psychology of why someone does or doesn't like something more interesting than the above? Now, here's what's more interesting to me, are you an ISFJ or not? I'm curious if I typed you correctly despite the extremely small amount of information given.

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You seem like an ISFJ. Card games don't seem like an ISFJ thing. Understandable that you don't like it.

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1. Miz comes out through a Hollywood sign on the stage similar to his 2011 Wrestlemania "awesome" sign because they're in LA.

2. Sandow comes out as one of the lumberjacks dressed as a literal lumberjack.

3. Bull Dempsey interferes as the newest member of the Wyatt family and costs Jericho the match. ( I've given up on Big Show joining the Wyatt family. Now, I'm just going to guess whoever makes the most sense from NXT. It's gotta happen eventually, right? )