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I've ordered my copy anyway so should arrive next week. I've got the Playstation TV preordered as well so I'm looking forward to trying out Freedom Wars on the big screen.

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Are you guys playing it on your own or multiplayer?

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@fcdrandy: Ha! Its actually two of my mates playing, unfortunately the other one's screen wasnt on camera but they have a race every year to see who can complete it first. Its become a tradition.

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@demoskinos: Im conflicted every year and every year I end up buying it. This year I've just given in and preordered it.

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Just finished work on my Team's timelapse video of our stream

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I think next year I want to try and get back to direct feed from games. I did that in previous years but at the moment I can only do it from PC games and I wanted to play my consoles this year so the only one we got was Mount Your Friends. It was also a shame that the third webcam I had planned to use wasnt working properly as we had some pro Goldeneye and Super Smash Bros Melee being played on a TV thats out of shot.

I loved this years event again though. I mainly played Shadow of Mordor, Spelunky and Hotline Miami. I was planning on using my Retron 5 a lot more than I did but everytime I wanted to change games I had to walk infront of two of the guys TVs so I ended up doing it less and less. Also I will strongly recommend not to have everyone bring Samsung TVs to an event like this. We all did and everyones remotes controlled every TV!

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For me it goes:

  1. T2
  2. T1
  3. Sarah Connor Chronicles
  4. T3
  5. Salvation
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He also didnt have another niece, that was his nephew. I'm gonna just put this down to you typing furiously Patrick due to your hatred of Aiden lol

Personally I didnt have the issues you had but to be honest I never really thought all that hard about it either. I enjoyed the game enough but I'll admit I never connected with Aiden at all.

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It was terribly worded but they arent wrong, they are under no obligation to refund anything as Kickstarter is an investor service, not a preorder service.

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I hope this commentator gets better as the event goes on. To be fair I would be stuttering a hell of a lot more than he is but when he is tripping over his words and reading too fast with a story about someone getting diagnosed with MS on the day of his Fathers funeral who also had it....its not great.