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Cutscene 4: The Faux Game 0

I really, really wanted to enjoy this game as much as possible. However, when it comes down to it this isn't really a game at all, but more like a interactive cutscene. I'm not sure if it was the cultural divide between Japan and America that made the dialogue so horrible, repetitive, and sometimes inappropriate- or if it was just Kojima's convoluted vision. Maybe it was poor translation? I doubt that was the only problem. The writing in this game is so terrible that if you posess any resemblenc...

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One of the Greatest RPG's of all Time. 0

The original Fallout is perhaps one of the most celebrated RPGs of all time. I consider it one of my favorite games, if not my favorite game of all time. I would recommend it to anyone remotely interested in RPGs, great story, characters, and overall quality gameplay.While it's sequel Fallout 2 was a much more open ended game, this makes the original Fallout  feel like a much more focused RPG experience where you don't feel overwhelmed. The story starts you out in a vault after a nuclear war  in...

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