New TF2 Update

So what happens when I get home from class, its late and I need to do some last minute studying/going over notes? 
I get a txt from my bro that theres a new TF2 update. 
AW SNAP!     
(this is from the Valve news: Added 65 new items (hats, weapons, tools, minigames, gifts, crates)   
And theres trading... AT LONG LAST!  
So what do I do? I hop in my favorite server and soon enough I've got some new sniper weapons.  
The Sydney Sleeper
Replaces the sniper rifle for a jarate dart gun. It cannot get headshots, but it can randomly crit and if charged, it can put a jarate effect on your target for 8 seconds. 
Darwin's Danger Shield  
Worn on the back, it adds +25 max health on the wear ( doesn't protect against backstabs) 
The Bushwacka
Replaces the Kukri. All hits that would be mini-crits are regular crits. So chopping a jarated enemy or if you've got some buff banner on, this thing is deadly! 
You also take +20% more fire damage. 
Ol' Snaggle Tooth 
This is a sniper hat, but if you equip all these items, its a complete set, thus granting you a bonus (like in diablo 2 or WoW).  
The bonus is being immune to headshots

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