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I'd love to see a new fallout tactics, but only after they make Fallout 4. Also hoping this isn't an MMO.

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Holy crap this is exciting. This is bringing me back to doing the Year Zero ARG. Anyone notice the animated letters on the various "files" pages? So far I've got s,a,i,w,h,t,a,h,p,a

Maybe it says "whats happening?"

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Has anyone found a way to play the tapes that Evan finds at Richter's house?

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@liquidsnakegfer9: Jacket is the blonde dude you take the Polaroid picture with in Hawaii as the soldier. He is seen smoking a bunch of cigarettes on one of the beach scenes and the soldier rescues him during the power plant level.

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It took me a long while but I finally realized the Polaroid was what jacket drops at the end of the first game. And I was like HOLY SHIT. Also jacket really likes cigarettes.

And Jake has an alternate ending? I fuckin knew it! Stupid 3rd floor goons.

I'm gonna try to interact with everything on the levels because I keep finding readable a I missed first time around.

Also wtf is with the dead bodies in the sewer level? And why doesn't anyone stop and investigate further? I want to know why they're doing that!

Edit: and is it just me or is the kid in detective's dream Alex Navarro?

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Dan's Dirty Deeds?

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I think there should be another poll option. "Oui".

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Hotline Miami 2. I preorded it and that will come with some dope looking vinyls for the soundtrack. And I've recently taken the vinyl plunge, so there is no going back for me.