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I've been wanting to the see Patrick take on The Pit for some time now. My only concern was that because it has to be played at such a slow, deliberate pace it might not make the most interesting stream in the world? I mean, I'd enjoy watching it, but...

Another recommendation I'd have in the procedurally generated world is Legend of Dungeon, which has a much more arcadey, fast paced feel, so would probably go over better for video content. It's kind of a rogue-like / action dungeon explorer game that I enjoy. If you try it out, opt in on the beta that enables saving the game when you quit.

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Annoyed at the number of people who feel obligated to explain how capitalism works, or, even more condescendingly, kickstarter, in any conversations about this topic.

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When I discovered Demon's Souls in 2009 I didn't quite know what to think but it eventually became my game of the year. Dug up my goty blog and here's what I wrote about it at the time: "We all play games to win, with the mindset that dying/losing a life should be avoided at all costs. Demon's Souls forced me to realize that the opposite is true; that losing is not only unavoidable, it's an intrinsic part of any game."

Enjoyed what I saw of your Dark Souls stream, especially that epic moment of you being scooped by the Bed of Chaos, so awesome. That gif should just be playing somewhere in your office, all the time.

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Just finished this game last night so I'm still digesting it.

My initial reaction is that Joel is a monster and his decision was ultimately one of selfishness, no matter if Ellie's sacrifice resulted in a cure or not. That last sequence is pretty haunting, especially because it still leaves their real thoughts on the matter somewhat ambiguous. Ellie had resigned herself to dying and the only thing that kept her going was thinking she could make a difference. Was what Joel felt for Ellie really love or just a desperate need for something to survive for? Is Ellie just a pet to him, a less creepy version of what that cannibal wanted from her?

My opinion of Joel certainly wasn't helped by the brutality and relentlessness of the mass murder spree on the way to that decision.

I don't know. All of the characters longed for some reason to keep on going, the reason for all their sacrifices and horror beyond just surviving. Ellie was Joel's reason. I couldn't see him making another decision, given the person he was the journey they had taken.

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I've been playing through Fatal Frame 1 and 2 as well. Despite a game crash that kept me from seeing the end sequence of the first Fatal Frame, the game really holds up. I agree about the camera obscura not making you feel invulnerable: like the early resident evil games, you have a means of defending yourself, but has its limitations. Near the end of the game I was dreading the random appearance of those ghosts that spin around the room at high speeds, usually I just ran because catching them with the camera would use up my already limited film supply.

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Enjoyed your TEDx talk Patrick, interesting topic especially in the context of your personal experiences with the site.

My more cynical side thinks that the only real way to improve discourse in anonymous public forums is aggressive and competent moderation.

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I've emulated this and Mother 3, quite enjoyed them. If they ever make a 3ds virtual console release and the price isn't crazy, I'd get it. Goes without saying for Mother 3, as unlikely as that is to happen.

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Got Crimson Shroud and Aeroporter when they were on sale, both were good. Aeroporter especially; it's a throwback to when games were just pure concept, usually something mundane like making burgers or serving beer. In this case, it's automated baggage handling. EXTREME baggage handling!

I'm not kidding, shit gets hard.

Since the 01 games eventually got discounted I've been hoping they'll do the same with the Guild 02 ones, so I definately want em, but I'm waiting.