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I'm gonna have to break this down by system:

360: Dead Rising was the first game I played this generation and felt that I was getting an experience I hadn't had before, chalk that up to the unique gameplay mechanics or the fact that I had some many zombies on my screen. It was mind blowing!. Following that the first Gears of War was the first game that made me appreciate paying for Live, playing co-op with someone randomly that didn't want to grief me probably helped. Plus the game looked stunning on my big screen. Plus, it was the 360 game I liked enough to bring over to my friends' places so they could see it and play it in person.

PS3: MGS4, it was exactly what I wanted from a next gen follow-up to one of my favorite franchises. It was the reason I picked up a PS3 and it was worth it.

Wii: Super Mario Galaxy because it gave me the same feeling I had when I booted up Mario 64 in middle school. And Skyward Sword because it sold me on the WiiMotion+

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@ThePhantomStranger: What separates Star Wars from other Sci-Fi IPs is the fact that it can be hardly considered science fiction given most of the things that make up the core of Star Wars. It is a space opera/fantasy in the vein of fantasy fiction

On Topic - I love the fact that the article points out that this looks like something that would have come out before the prequels. I loved Dark Forces and initially lost interest in the series when they made Kyle a Jedi (granted Jedi Knight II is a sweet game).

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@braveortega: If you think that Sony and Microsoft don't have some sort of gimmick up their sleeve you are misguided.

Microsoft Smart Glass and the Kinect is a gimmick.

Sony has had gimmicks that have been easy to ignore (Eye Toy, PS3 Eye, Move) but that doesn't make them guaranteed gimmick-free.

Hell, even the idea of a console that would be your central media device was a gimmick at one point - Nintendo and Sega's stance on that when Sony was pushing DVD playability in the PS2 was very clear that they thought it was a gimmick.

Features are only a gimmick until it becomes accepted as part of your electronic/gaming experience.

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I was very interested in the premise for the Wii U, I like asymetrical gaming and I liked the idea of a Zelda HD game with the menu on the tablet like playing Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks, possibly making notes on maps and what not.

However, the press conference showed me that Nintendo likes to say they are interested in the hardcore gamer but I don't think they know what that is. I think they believe it is the Nintendo faithful which leads to them not really doing anything new or interesting with their existing properties. They are pushing another mini-game collection and what seems to be more of the same "casual" games (for lack of a better word).

I want to play Pikmin 3, but what I've read is that the tablet isn't necessarily the best way to play the game. That doesn't bode well when a Nintendo game can't make the case for the new controller. HD graphics and another gimmick aren't going to get me day one. And unless they reveal something between now and launch that is must have WiiU only software I'll gladly wait till a price drop and I haven't done that for a Nintendo home console before.

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I've also experienced problems with video quests. For example, "It's Over, Duder" doesn't seem to trigger after watching multiple videos. Also for the Dead Rising 2/Halo:Reach and the Starcraft video quests don't seem to work either.

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Recently a friend and I were putting together a list of our favorite games, he's list had a lot of action/platformer games, my list had a lot of RPGs or "story-driven" experiences.

Which led me to think about two of my favorite games:

  1. Chrono Trigger a game I still enjoy and recently got to re-experience with the latest Endurance Run and my play-through of the DS rerelease. Some of my favorite 16-bit era moments in gaming come from Chrono Trigger. It holds a special place as one of the first games I really followed from announcement to every bit of news I could find about it. I also played it multiple times to see all the endings and my first experience at a video game hobby/import store to pick up the soundtrack to the game;
  2. Suikoden was one of the first games I picked up for my Playstation on a complete whim. I had just saved my money up after buying the system earlier in the year and only having the demo disc to play. While the graphics were not much different from what I saw on the SNES and Genesis, the musical score and the epic scope of the story pulled me in. Plus the sheer amount of characters you were able to recruit was mind blowing.
  3. Final Fantasy 7 a game that I was really excited about as a kid and one of the games (Resident Evil being the other game) that drove me to pick up a Playstation after throwing my hat in with the Nintendo 64. The game has not necessarily aged well with it's poor translation, inconsistent art style, and my opinion of the materia system changing as I have revisited other games in the series.

Now to the topic of the post and I'm going to get the spoilers out of the way for anyone that has never played these three games:

In Chrono Trigger: Chrono dies to protect his friends from Lavos, however using the power of time travel and some

In Suikoden: Two characters die, Phan and Gremio, both loyal friends/servants to the main character. You can save Phan by making sure he is properly leveled and equipped. By saving Phan and making sure you recruit the rest of the available 108 characters Gremio is brought back to life after his death.

In Final Fantasy 7: Aeris is killed by Sephiroth, however her sacrifice is what actually saves the world from Sephiroth's meteor.

Alright with those out of the way, I'm going to go into more spoilers below to discuss the aforementioned secret, these won't be hidden, so you have been warned!

It is because of the Chrono Trigger and Suikoden that led me to believe that i was possible to save Aeris in Final Fantasy 7. I first saw this rumor in EGM, I'm assuming it was an April Fool's issue. The naivety of my youth figured that a character that a main character could not die in a video game, video games were about winning and being the triumphant hero that defies all the odds. Plus, I was able to save characters in RPGs before, everything just made sense. My attachment to Aeris also was because she was part of my main party in my initial play through. I spent the next month trying to right what I figured went wrong, Samuel Beckett-style. Even going so far starting a new FF7 save file.

I don't know when I realized it was a joke or when I gave up. It was also a turning point in my gaming experience to see a character that the game gave me an avenue to build an attachment to was taken away and wouldn't be given back. At this point, I'd seen characters in game die but they were always clearly supporting characters that I had no direct control over, I'm referring specifically to Resident Evil. And when I look back at these games I believe they planted the seeds that video games while always games could also tell stories that I cared about and they had a place to be considered art alongside a good book or film.

One final note on the topic of character death in games, the latest game that brought the same sense of loss has to be Mass Effect 2 and 3.

Granted I went back and replayed the suicide machine in ME2 because I couldn't leave anyone behind. But those actions have proven foolish now that I'm about a third way through ME3. I don't care what people think of the ending, I haven't gotten to that point yet, but as an end to the story/series that I've been played the past few years they have effectively taken characters I grew attached to and have put them through the wringer again in ways I did not expect.

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I can't wait to hear the news from E3, specifically to see if the WiiU will have the software to make me try and get it at launch.

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This has been resolved. Thanks!

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I've just tried linking my XBOX achievements a few times and the website is stating that my profile is reporting 0 games. Looking at my XBOX live account my profile's privacy settings are set to public. I've tried changing them a couple times on Xbox Live's website and relinking my profile on the website and have not experienced any progress.

I'm using Firefox 12.0 in Windows XP.

Thanks in advanced!

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1. What browser are you using?

I've tried Firefox 12 and Internet Explorer 8

2. What Operating System are you using?

Windows XP

3. What is the exact link to the page you are having a problem with?


4. Details, details, details. Explain it in detail:

I click on "Manage Your Accounts"

Then click on the button for "XBOX Live"

I enter in my gamertag and click on "Add Account"

The website displays the message: "That Gamertag is already registered. If you're sure this Xbox Live account belongs to you, you can claim this account.

When I click on "claim this account" the website loops me back to the outside account selection. Not sure what I am supposed to do to claim the account from there.