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I used to not like him but I was being a bitter hater

he's a trill motherfucker for sure

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I saw some people saying the devs, or some of the devs are nazis/fascists because apparently one of the devs liked a facebook page that was very anti-immigration and "linked to nazi groups".

I dunno man. I'm not of that political affiliation, but you can't call people nazis cus they're against immigration. There's probably a decent amount of republicans making your games. Isn't it a bit naïve to expect everyone in this industry has the same exact progressive views as you? Not to mention being pretty strongly anti-immigration is common in eastern European cultures, and even though cultural normalcy doesn't make anything OK by default, I dislike mostly American/British people making hasty judgements about these guys' opinions, which relate to Polish society.

I think libertarians are pretty stupid, but there's probably fuckloads of libertarians making my favorite games.

People who know Poland: What was that organization the dude liked on FB like? Comparable to something like UKIP? Or worse, like National Front?

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video is private

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Some kind of serious cyberpunk adventure game

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My best friend has generalized anxiety disorder, that shit is no joke. It fucks him up, we'll be hanging out drinking or something and he'll just stare down and/or curl up, shaking, crying quietly and barely able to talk. It's scary as fuck seeing your friend whose otherwise much more of a go-getter than myself just put into that state out of nowhere. He also is extremely ashamed of how helpless he appears when he has an attack, he's said.

He's definitely a guy with more pride than me, he doesn't like when you cross certain lines, he won't take himself feeling dissed and so on, so when I see him have an attack I guess he'll really try to downplay it even though it looks fucking bad.

I guess therefore big up alex for being open like this about it, so it becomes more widely understood how this works.

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I wonder if Nintendo will ever try to "catch up" and release a console technically on par with the competition again. They'd basically be moving two generations ahead then.

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I should change this thread title to "BREAKING BRAD SUGGESTIONS"

Here's an idea: Metal Gear Solid 3 no kill playthrough

Here's another: Perfect Dark on Perfect Agent

OR a mid 2000's military simulator, a really hardcore one. Then again maybe that's more Drew's domain.

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oh shit

Well in that case, Quake or Quake 2 or some other old school FPS. Those are just fun to watch.

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Brad should make Daikatana his bitch

I was watching the Doom 2 Breaking Brad, and god damn that was some of the best shit I've seen from this website. Midway through they started discussing doing Daikatana as the next BB, but so far it hasn't happened.

I can't think of any game that would be more entertaining to watch Brad break.