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I'm looking to play this over xmas break. Buying an xbone or ps4 is not out of the question, however I'm very happy with my 360 still.

How is the 360 version? In my experience the old console versions of cross-gen games seem to suffer and perform poorer than standard games for that console do in a lot of ways (example: wolfenstein new order, Just Cause on PS2).

Seeing as this is an atmosphere-heavy game that aims to draw you in, moderate technical/graphical shortcomings would hamper my enjoyment.


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hoping for an earlycast like last week so I can enjoy it before bed

pre-midnight UK time please

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I preferred it when Jeff was on, so I voted No.

But Brad isn't horrible or anything. He knows his shit more or less, just a bit less fun.

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The dream for me in terms of technical feats in videogaming has always been to blow up a massive skyscraper with incredibly detailed and dynamic destruction mechanics, where every floor has furniture and lamps and shit on the desks. Just topple that shit in the middle of the a perfectly rendered city and keep it at a manageable framerate.

Battlefield 4 had you taking down a skyscraper but that was a canned animation.

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get that fucking cyborg out of here

this is how it starts, you assholes

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the current wave of deep house/nu-disco is gonna be the smooth jazz of the future

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What do you expect from a former colonial power whose royal family were blatant nazis during the war.

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how the fuck do they make this and not put dual sticks on it

I'll say this forever: The circle pad pro is great. it looks ugly, but it's great. It makes modern camera-control games completely comfortable to play on the 3DS.

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I don't like Skype podcasts, so bombin the am doesn't do it for me.

We need a bombcast NY with Alex, Vinny and whatever guests they have on hand