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That really sucks to hear :( a voice of the gaming community, a passionate man full of life and a friend to us all

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Wow what a night. Can you smell what the rock is cooking?

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Show floor walk around and game news from pax? Live feed from the panel for the paying customers?

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Nice arcticle Alex, Enjoyable read

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No one is infalible espeically game companies

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Does it come with the multiplayer patch?

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Cheers for the feedback

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Dear Giant Bomb,

I am writing this letter to the site, to the community and all those who read the internet on a regular basis. This is a letter with a plea and a warning, from a user whos been around this site and before from a long time. I didn't know how how I could start this or even end it but there comes a point when it becomes upsetting and emotions overtake judgement. Maybe I shouldn't be doing this, maybe I should just sit quietly in a corner and watch my favourite site desolve into just another area of the internet that just revolved around abuse and terror. But no, I will not.

This is a plea from the small person, just a user with a heart for computer games and the many emotions they bring.

Currently, in countries across the world they are looking at the effects that computer games are having on a person. Should we have violent games? Should we have games that glorify violence? Can we justisfy what we enjoy as a hobby? These are a few questions that have been asked and will probably be studied for years to come. But then there is this site.

This is our home. A home of gamers who have been moved from gamespot and back again following the fun, trials and tribulations of guys who care about what we play. Who do more than their job to bring us the entertainment and comments that other sites could only dream of. They make us laugh and cry. I'll never forget hearing about the guys talking about Journey multiplayer and companions disappearing, leaving them all alone. It brought a tear to the eye as a was driving alone from Wales to Scotland.

Yet now more than ever there is hatred in the comments. I, for one, have felt the bulling nature as a grew up. High School was difficult for me until I was moved to somewhere where I could finish my exams without being picked on. I read the comments sometimes and frankly it upsets me. This is our home. A home where we can be critical but always with a giant bomb smile on our faces knowing we are a part of a community who will respond constructively and with respect. Unfortunately the community is changing. Changing into the rest of the internet. Changing into Youtube comments and CallofDuty and LoL chat. Is this what you want?

Should we ban those who abuse? What level of critisem becomes abuse? I feel the community recently has almost opened it's doors to more people. It's almost having a party with people you don't know. Or has this level of abuse always been here and i'm just nieve to what goes on? This is our home. If this level of abuse continues I can see people not using this site or the guys just calling it a day. It's not as if any of them would find it hard finding a new job. Their good at what they do.

What kind of reputation do you want for this site?

I know no one will read this or i'll just get things thrown at me but I just want to say thankyou to everyone who works at Giant Bomb for all your years hard work. I appriciate it.

Always in communication


A Welsh Gamer

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I'd like the business end of the game to have depth. I haven't played the demo yet but have been tempted to pre-purchase it on steam though I have to agree with above i'll wait for a quick look.

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I really hope it's not going to be Watch Dogs but I can see it being so. The hype at E3 2012 was huge and it looks full of promise. We will see at this year's E3 how it holds up and whether it's just a meh shooter.