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Pink fo' lyfe!

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"Hurra, Hurra, die Frankfurter sind da!" (Eintracht Frankfurt)

Don't give a f... about national teams and their cups...

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As Gibson and Stephenson were already mentioned I would like to mention the "Takeshi Kovacs" novels (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels & Woken Furies) by Richard K. Morgan and "True Names" by Vernor Vinge. You might also have a look at the "Mirrorshades" anthology published by Bruce Sterling.

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Voted for:

"What could go wrong" - Because what could go wrong with a 70/80s Slasher setting?

"Gone Astray" - Because cats!

"Dear Leader" - Because Dr. Strangelove reference and the early Soviet style propaganda aesthetics

"Little Pink Best Buds" - Because... I don't know... I would prefer to be able to vote for a fourth DF game instead...


"Ether", "Grand Spirits", "Cat in a Box", "Breach" & "Mnemonic"

Honorable Mention:

"Astro Helmet" - for the awesome music in the pitch video

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Really looking forward to it and pre ordered it a while ago. Will be my first physical PS Vita game.

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Soylent Dreams is Maidens!

...Sorry, couldn't resist!

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Yasunori Mitsuda for Chrono Cross

Keiichi Okabe for Nier

Yuzo Koshiro for ActRaiser

Okay, not all of these games are JRPGs, but whatever....

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I played and finished both. In the end I enjoyed both, for DA 2 it probably helped that a friend of mine recommended that I should play/see it as action game and not a fully fledged RPG. But I really, really enjoyed Ni No Kuni and would rank it in my Top 5 for 2013, so I would recommend Ni No Kuni.

P. S. Regarding the time investment, it took me 80:37 hours to get Platinum in Ni No Kuni

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A Clockwork Orange closely followed by Dr. Strangelove...

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On top of my head:

Bubble Bobble (because the C64 port was pretty awesome)

Great Giana Sisters (Mario with superior Music, don't hit me!)

Elite (just because)

Maniac Mansion & Zak McKracken (Old Lucasfilm Games glory)

Archon: The Light and the Dark (because I wear the box art as tattoo on my calf... and it was a pretty good game too, for us it was basically the holo chess from Star Wars)

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (Microprose Soccer was the better game, but we played countless tournaments with EHIS)

Paradroid (to collect street cred with the c64 crowd ;))

Pretty good site for information/reviews concerning C64 games is Lemon64.