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I just bought a few packs to DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2. Whoomp (There it is) should've been on my HD for a long time. Also got the aformentioned Oasis album. Not a great album but there's not a wealth of Oasis songs to choose from in the plastic instrument world.

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@cheappoison: sorry I took so long to reach you guys, I had some major internet connection issues for the last 6 days and could barely check my e-mail. I'll update the document tomorrow but in advance I'm sorry to say the we won't be available this weekend and another player who is a biologist is going to spend the next 25 days in the middle of the rainforest so is it ok if we get a replacement for him? Under the 120 win limit, of course. Also, my apologies to @wunder_ and the Starcrafters if you guys were really looking forward to play this weekend.

EDIT: By the way, since there's a chance this will be our last match in the tournament I'll be using a Legendary Largesse and a Shopkeeper's Surprise, everybody that watches the matches on twitchtv be sure to link your steam accounts for a chance to get items.

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I'm stunned. Don't really know what to say other than I'll miss him very much. Goodbye, duder. Rest in Peace.

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Ok, that was a blast. We lost but had fun and learned an important lesson: one does not underestimate Meepo.

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@golguin: You can definitely do what you want but that's kind of a selfish position. Dota is a team game and a lot is based on picking the heroes that will work well together and against the opposite team. By sticking to a single character you're deliberately imposing a handicap on your party, limiting what heroes and roles they can pick and even each modes they can play. It's one thing when you do that because you're still learning, but you're doing it because you don't care. I don't think you've proven anyone wrong yet.

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That'll happen often. It's part of the game, especially because matches are so long. When it's a shooter and you're havin a bad day it will be over in like 7 minutes, you'll take a deep breath and start again. If you messed up once or twice you can reflect on what you're doing wrong while you wait for respawn and make up for your mistakes. In Dota mistakes just piles up and form a huge snowball that runs towards you and warlus punch you in the nuts. Some times I feel like I'm doing nothing right the it's 4 vs 5 and that happens too. I don't deal especially well with that but I got used to it. You'll probably get too.

Now what you described is why I avoided non-All Pick modes for my first month and a half. I'm not a quick adaptative person, the best I can do is slightly change my item and skill build on the spot depending on the situation. Some people can learn heroes they never played before on the spot with a few tips from team mates. I can't, I need to take some time to study up and play at least a single pressure free match to understand item and abilities interactions. Some people equate newbies playing All-Pick sticking to the same 3 or 4 heroes forever which is something I support you doing for like your first 20 or so matches in order get the feel of the game. After that I feel like its best to take a third of your matches to learn and pratice new heroes as you'll be more versatile and will know what to expect when you face them. Whether you take the random approach and the study approach you should diversify your options.

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@kolh: Thanks a lot, Kolh. I should do the same after our first matches.

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So, no match yesterday?

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@ajamafalous: That's 10 matches in single round, 20 in double round-robin if you ditch the bo3 which only works with elimination style tournament, that's roughly the same amount of matches as a bo3 double elimination format. Single round-robin to seed is a good idea, the problem then becomes then number of matches unless it's just to qualify two teams for the final bo3 match. Anyway, like I said any format Blackmoore and Cheap pick is fine by me, all will pros and cons and really I'm just happy to be a part of the whole thing.

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@winternet: truth is that elimination style tournament work better for multiples of 4 as it was originally intented. Personally I'm a fan of double round-robin but whatever the format I'm game.