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Crusader King 2's overworld antics combined with Mount and Blade combat.

Came here to say this, that basically describes my dream game.

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Yeah, I think the designs fit what they are going for, with the post-conquest aliens dominating and subjugating humanity. God-like imagery and what-not. Not seeing any reason to get up in arms over snake boobies. It is kind of silly, but X-COM in general is kinda silly. I am more concerned by how likely it appears that they will totally destroy my squadies if I'm caught unawares...

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I'm a monarchist, so none of this matters to me. Elections? Phooey!

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I'm really excited for this prospect. I just bought a PS4 (like 2 days before the price cut was announced, which is just my luck) but I would definitely be willing to pay attention to what Nintendo is doing next. Even if it's not a showstopper, I'm sure some unique stuff will come out of it.

I'm not holding my breath for any actual 3rd party support outside of some indie stuff though.

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This thread really makes me want to take the plunge and remove all that unnecessary crap from my life. I've gotten really tired of all the political diatribe that I see in my feeds (on both ends of the spectrum, no less), and I feel like I'd be better off actually, truly, communicating with people who actually matter to me.

I might just get like a LinkedIn profile for professional reasons and then say eff it to all that other business. It doesn't seem to do any good, and the idle moments I spend reading through it could probably be used much more constructively. Hell, I could be reading a book. Or heavens forbid, playing a video game.

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I'm from the backwoods of the southeastern US, and when I was growing up, the closest thing in the poll to what I called him (and what my sister still calls him) would be "Daddy". But in the local accent, it comes out sounding like "Dead-y". I stopped calling him that and switched to just "Dad" at some point in my tweens, around when I started to lose my accent. Likely due to rabid media consumption, I guess, it wasn't a deliberate thing. It just happened.

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Finally, I can drag myself to my car in a daze of hung-over confusion on a Saturday afternoon and get one of those hashbrowns. The circle is complete, and we are all better for it.

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I thought it was pretty boring...the delivery of the story was rather lame to me. Then again, I'm not exactly an art-house cinema fan, either. Definitely wasn't worth my $20 bucks, personally.

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I love miniatures! I wish I had more time for it. I've been running a D20 Modern game lately that I'm heavily basing on the whole "war economy" concept from MGS4. These are a few of the merc guys I've been painting for that. Seems like 28mm scale prepainted "modern" figures just don't exist, so I've been buying appropriate looking models and painting them as I can. Haven't gotten around to painting the M1 Abrams here, vehicles always seem like such a huge project.

I also have a pretty sizable Tau Empire army for 40K that I haven't touched in some time, and a few fantasy minis I've painted up, but I don't have any pics at the moment.

PS: Ignore the jacked up window blinds in the background...and apologies for the lame phone pic

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No, the Quick Looks are about the games in my opinion. That is one thing I hate about the average Youtube gaming channels. I don't need to see someone's ugly or not so ugly mug taking up half the screen. I want to see the game.

It's fine for things like UPF, which is basically just them hanging out with some games. The good old Spookin' w/ Scoops segments made good use of it too, since the whole point of it was to see cool spooky games, and how spooked they made Scoops. But Quick Looks should definitely avoid that, unless it is necessary to demonstrate the game, like the Kinect example @citizencoffeecakegave.