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@noizy: Ha, you'd see a lot more blue here in the southeast if folks were being honest. Moonshine country, etc.

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Dan's the best, I would have never thought of that.

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I got into Final Fantasy XIV. Having more fun with it than I ever did with WoW...or Destiny, for that matter. Can't wait to get my own chocobo!

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I'm looking to join the free company, just waiting for a chance to create a character on Ultros. Seems like it's difficult to start a character on there right now. I've gotten to level 5 on another server, and this seems right up my alley. Only issue is that I want to start as a class that's not in Limsa Lolimsa, so I'll have some levelling to do before even joining. Does your starting class really matter at all in the long run, anyway?

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Well shit, I haven't played an MMO since my old WoW days, but I guess I'm going to bite the bullet and give this a shot finally. See you lads on the other side.

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I'm not the best guy to go into details about this, since I never even beat that game, but I can say that the characterization of Samus is laughable, if not downright insulting to the character, the writing is bad, or at the very least not befitting of a Metroid game, and the gameplay and progression is lackluster. Man, now I've worked myself up about it...make a good, new Metroid game, Nintendo!

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@aronman789: I don't think it's laziness, though. I still hate it so much, if every game had all the cool features they keep discarding, I'd love the series so much more.

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That's definitely something I'd like to see as well. I wouldn't hold out hope for it anytime soon, though. I know site engineers in general (not just this site's) usually have a lot of other balls to juggle before even throwing feature requests into the mix. Chrome extension is rad, thanks for linking that, @meatsofevil!

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I've played about 5 or 6 hours of it so far, and I must say that while at first I was underwhelmed at how easy it was, it has really started to pick up in the past couple of hours or so. I didn't even realize that there was going to be a second area after this starting one, so I'm pretty excited to see how challenging it gets, although from what I'm seeing it sounds like your powers will start evening the playing field pretty significantly.

I'm really impressed with this game, actually. I was pretty cool on it before release, but I'm glad I picked it up.