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Like others have said, Jeff is at his best when he's the star of the show - not the host. I'm really enjoying having Brad hosting the podcast. With him hosting, and Dan on the crew now, things are really rocking now.

Also, yes, Brad for PAX host!

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@bigjeffrey: These pages are great and also terrible, in equal measure.

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@viciousbearmauling: How did I not hear of this?! I'm terrible with slower characters like him, but that sounds crazy as all hell.

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I'm reminded of a picture I saw once of someone's idea for what Dojima's shadow would have been, it was basically a horrible mass of car parts, police tape and his bloodied wife somewhere in the mix. It was pretty fucked up.
Anyway, discounting Dojima, still looks like I'm maining Chie. Although Stupei and Adachi are pretty tempting.

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Nice writeup, your experience with the Wii U is pretty similar to my own, dust horrors included. You've heard it before, but totally get Shovel Knight. It's the bomb.

I'm really excited for Hyrule Warriors. I have no idea why. Well, I have an idea (THEY ANNOUNCED YOU CAN PLAY AS GANONDORF), but I still feel dirty about it.

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These folks deserve all their success and then some. Shovel Knight is, so far, probably my favorite gaming experience of the year. I'm really excited to see what these Yacht Clubbers do next. Really liking the split on that sales chart, too. I got it on Wii U, personally, which I think is was probably the right move. Having the menus on the gamepad was really cool, and the Miiverse functionality was really well done. I really enjoyed giving posts a "Verily!".

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Happy Jeff Day! Hail Jeff, Lord of Websites about Videogames!

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Congratulations! Someone post that seen from Evangelion, you now the one!

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Next step: Original Xbox electric cello.

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If it's directed at others, I typically report it. If it's towards me, I usually do not care enough to do anything. Some punk on the internet isn't going to ruin my day, but I don't presume others will react the same way.