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Interesting that they choose to break what is a typical labor law in most states about having to pay employees for time worked so they could pay their obligation to the state.

I think Bob Salvatore needs to post some new eBooks to the 38 studios website next week to raise enough to make payroll.

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Patrick Klepek Not sure what e-mail platform Activision was using but since they contacted Microsoft it makes me think they were using Exchange (this would also make sense for a company this size). If they are using Exchange with domain authentication it shouldn't be hard to access their e-mail. They could either reset their domain passwords or get the e-mail archive from the Exchange server administer. I work for a large private non-profit university and part of my job involves conducting investigations. Our legal and IT departments have worked together to create an electronic discovery function. If we need to see someone's e-mail's IT will provide us with DVDs or a USB drive with an Outlook file including everything that they sent, received, and deleted.

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Look at the pre-order bonuses, what's the deal with that?

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So what's up with Microsoft letting Ubisoft give out free DLC but the stopped Valve from putting out free DLC for Left 4 Dead?

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@louiedog said:
" Imagine if they used a MIDI keyboard and you could get an adapter with the game for like $70 if you already own one. Of course they'd probably have a $150 pack with a crappy keyboard for everyone else. "
I'm hoping the thing.  One of my friends has a modified ion rocker kit that he runs through the GH5 drums via it's MIDI adapter.