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hmmm You know the first song I ever wrote was called Apnea...because I thought I had it because I couldn't sleep for months.

I seemed to have chilled out about it now though.

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Absolutely gutted, been with you guys since Gamespot.

I can't believe this story, Surely this is just a hack.....please let it be anonymous

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....Wow did they just rip off an Amanda Todd video idea?

I'm not comfortable with that.

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I bought Black Shark on steam and have just upgraded to black shark 2.

I took down all the notes (on 2 A4 sheet of paper) from the quicklook and just managed to do a successful take engine start up.

I even found the cockpit lights they failed to use in the quick looks :)

I've always had a thing for flying choppers even though I know nothing about them, this has got me having alot of geeky fun.

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Nocturne on the PC in the early 2000s??

Now that nearly made me have a heart attack and I was only like 20 back then.

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I feel sorry for the guy effectively working on one games since like 1990

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Game are the middle man

They sell new games for £45-£50 and pre owned game for £35ish depending.They are expensive, online retailers sell for around £32.99-£37.99

The sooner developers start seeing cash for their hard work the better and with the pre ownder business being as huge as it is thats not going to happen.

So the less people like Game, the better.

The gaming industry will end up like the music industry unless we put our hands in our tight pockets and help people.

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Smartfighter FTW!

Super Medal Of Duty Advanced Street Combat Warfighter ....even better!