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I love the style of art in the trailers.
That bleeding water colour is amazing along with the light,bright low saturation colour pallette.
This on a PC?
Now the pirate freeloaders get to play this rather decent game.

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Films ans TV programs are always made to cause a stir so why not games?
I have to say I don't really care about this game.....it's just not what I look for anymore but how long do we have to leave it from the events before it becomes alright?
It seems a bit silly to me that there is an invisible time scale of acceptance.

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I know this is a youtube video but i'#d just like to say your very own video streamer is the best out there :)

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I'd love a remake but lets face it will it capture what we felt 10 years ago.No chance.
So why would Square even chance it.
FF7 wasn't just popular it was legendry and to make something off the back of that in the way of a remake could just end up a giant shit stain.

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I don't thinkthe Asari in the video had voice work?
It sounded to me like a kinda of placeholder text to speech technology.

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This has to be impossible.
Surely there is no way you can get frames through the net instantly.
Don't fancy the bandwidth bill either after playing  mass effect for the 4th time

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For once I might actually buy a rythm/guitar heroey/rock bandy game as i've never bought one before.
......thats because MetallicA made me pick up the guitar in 1994,and I never put it down and now I have 6,so another plastic one? nah

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I don't like change.......pay me in cash!

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Maybe she just liked the vibrations