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I wish the xbox would let you do thing.

The WHOILE reason we have to punch in 20 codes and download gigs of data even with a disk is because of people like Gamestop or Game in the Uk.

I'm done with disks. and i'm fed up with the pre owned market destroyign the industry.

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Come over to the consoles, we shall buy your games, it'll be better for all of us.

PC gamers are all freeloaders........10 years ago, I was one so I know.

For that I appologise but i've bought 100s and 100s of xbox and 360 games in that time.Please find my sins repent.

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@Saga: This!

I guess they are just flushing the pople out and looking to get some people in who can actually make a good game.

Little do they know that it probably should have involved and included the people way up the chain.

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I dunno, this guy seems like he could detroy not employ....

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Sega should team up with Bioware and make "Shenmue" and all in one Shenmue experience from start to finish.Lan Di must die!

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We need to goto war with the hackers.

If they are just giving the companies a wake up call then fine but if anything goes missing, thats not cool.

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This stuff scars me, Microsoft needs to set my mind at ease.

IWe have to trust microsoft.They need to do stuff like allow users to turn of acount recovery and other things.

By far the worst thing they ever did was allow the likes of EA to host servers.....EA are terrible, always will be, just look at the countless botched launches of online games.

God speed SWTOR, your days are numbered.

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They got something here, Rockstar should get to work on it.

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im guessing this dude will be the main guy and the 'other playable characters' will be DLC

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To be honest this developer wasn't really doing anything with the industry.... Too Human was a terrible game purely because of the lame controls.

I feel for those who have lost work though.

At least the industry is a robust and blossoming one that has many options for the right people.