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We need to goto war with the hackers.

If they are just giving the companies a wake up call then fine but if anything goes missing, thats not cool.

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This stuff scars me, Microsoft needs to set my mind at ease.

IWe have to trust microsoft.They need to do stuff like allow users to turn of acount recovery and other things.

By far the worst thing they ever did was allow the likes of EA to host servers.....EA are terrible, always will be, just look at the countless botched launches of online games.

God speed SWTOR, your days are numbered.

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They got something here, Rockstar should get to work on it.

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im guessing this dude will be the main guy and the 'other playable characters' will be DLC

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To be honest this developer wasn't really doing anything with the industry.... Too Human was a terrible game purely because of the lame controls.

I feel for those who have lost work though.

At least the industry is a robust and blossoming one that has many options for the right people.

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Massive lag on the middle section of the Tehran Highway map??

What is that all about eh.

Servers were playing up this morning also but managed to get a couple of hours in before being disconnected once again.

I'm just really disappointed, EA are like a hair dresser thats just cut away with some scissors and sent you out the door before your mullet is completed to perfection.

Who has high hopes for Star Wars TOR now eh? Come on.....it's not going to be a good christmas for you MMOers

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@Supermarius said:

You just have to put up with it or resolve never to buy a multiplayer game on day 1 again. This is just par for the course when it comes to multiplayer based blockbuster titles.

No! this is not acceptable.

EA know how many pre orders they have, they know hitow many copies on the street they have and they have a good projection of demand on day 1.

They should over compensate for all, even if they had a nice server farm just to support day 1 launches before switching them to the next big game launch etc....

They had a Beta test, it seems like they learnt nothing.

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So i've been sat here for 30-45 minutes trying the server browser and the quick match only to lose connection while loading, or not be able to find any servers and the server I do find are full upon connection no matter how fast I press Y to join.

I've tried so much.....it's just broken.

When Battlefield 1943 came out it was the same broken server mess that stopped me playing it.

When I pre ordered Mirrors edge EA's broken mess prevented me from using the time trial.When I got the full game I STILL was never able to play time trial due to some website problems with my account integration.

.....is anyone eles having problems.

EA release a multi player focused game , I expect to be able to play it.

I'm really annoyed....but am I alone!?

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This pre order bullshit has to end now.

Stop making life difficult for consumers and my god don't do deal with Gamestop.

I'm with Vinnie, I was disgusted when I heard.

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I've had many emails from EA with reguards to people trying to gain my password and requesting a password change.

I wonder if this is how something is going down?

I worry about it, I don;t want EA to have ANYTHING to do with my xbox account, or indeed my life. They are trying to take my details and to be frank no one needs there bloody servers and no one needs their services.

Why cant they just stop trying to control things and let xbox live deal with stuff.