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firstly, I live in england.

Secondly, I f*cking hate it when site do english versions.

Gamespot do it and it's a waste of time.Honestly whats the point other than to stop us looking or reading things when they arrive in america and delayed in Europe.

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The internet and gaming is full of too many kids to be taken seriously.

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I can see why they are doing it....... 
....but I find it fucking disgusting! 
how dare they break the seal and sell as new. 
How dare they remove content. 
I believe in america you like to sue people well someone should sue gamestop.

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Why would you pay for a discount :S

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Epic don't care, they can print money

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Ok i'll probably get it for easy points but I still have to say that the tech for this game to track the guitar notes your playing does not exist. 
It'll only surely be able to track single notes or even power chords as the very most. 
Look at the current guitar to midi converters and tell me i'm not lying. 

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They will never capture Tribe 2 again :( 
These kinds of announcements mean it'll never come to the arcade..... 
My guess would be a retail product, but probably not at all.

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So it'll be fine while looking at a 3D TV but as soon as you have glasses on looking at the new controller whats gonna happen? 

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This is all going to far now. 
They need to figure this shit out, I don't think this is the answer. 
Publishers have been doing it for years now, has it worked?? wheres the evidence .

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MY first MMO experience, it blew me away and had me hooked for months, I almost made Jedi back before they made it easy. .....that was a long long chore of a quest line. 
Sad news , the skill tree system was amazing. 
The combat was decent before the "upgrade" 
the expanse of terrain was fantastic. 
Riding Banthas was great. 
Taming pets 
oooo I used to love you StarWars, i've been to vist several times but you just lost what you once had. 
Never saw an AT-AT either :(