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Final Fantasy 5. One of the main characters is in disguise as a man for a while in the game and when its revealed the people she was trying to fool are totally cool with it. Its weirdly one of the more open games in that aspect but other than that try

Shin Megami Tensei IV

or any of the Etrian Odyssey games

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Ok love the game but holy shit I've been on the damn long jump challenge for like 2 hours and the game is giving me NO feedback in what I'm doing wrong

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If you feel that you got your moneys worth there is nothing wrong with spending money. As long as you don't give it to EA mobile.

Also I think I've spent like $20 on tribes ascend and like $40 on TF2 and Dota Keys and I regret none of it so there ya go.

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Platinum and...pretty much anything

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Platinum and...pretty much anything

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Platinum and...pretty much anything


We can close this thread now

Riffing off the dude earlier.


I just wet myself in every possible way.

Replace Blood Angel with Eldar or Dark Eldar as they would be much more of an agile flipping around character like the dude from Vanquish.

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@itwongo: This 100% this its just for me everyone who has ever been a dick about smash has been a competitive player. Ipso facto competitive smash players are jerks in my experience.

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@spraynardtatum: It's not bashing its discourse and thats good, but I'll tell you this on every single occasion that I've talked to a "serious" smash player (person who hate brawl) I have seriously had to just end that part of the conversation and never talk about smash again. Trying to bring the fun of playing it normally up with someone who takes it seriously is a wasted effort. While I know fun and competition are not mutually exclusive I've never seen a game with a larger gap between the two is more what I'm saying.

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I've been a fan of smash brothers since the original and enjoy the game immensely but something that has thoroughly confused me for years now is why the smash community (professional players, tournament players, and their respective communities) are so unbelievable toxic to new players, casual players, and anyone who doesn't like playing the game the "professional way" (Final destination, no items, yada yada yada).

I've seen communities hate on others like fighting game players and their less than stellar views on women, the level of hatred thrown at new players in league of legends, and the general level of discourse on Xbox live are among the worst humanity has to offer and somehow at least personally I feel that as smash is really a game marketed for Nintendo's general audience that it just makes what they do even worse.

Understand I'm not shitting on those who like to play the game competitively its more on how the most vocal among them act towards those who like to play the game as it was intended.

I just really don't even get the whole taking Smash so seriously at all?

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I'd be willing to put money on it being one of three things.

  1. CoD Zombies: We've been hearing about them spinning it off into its own game for a while and the series could use a break from the normal Hoorah military stuff.
  2. 3rd person: Again we've been hearing forever that they've wanted to do a 3rd person game even going to far as to can one previously
  3. Sci Fi mumbo Jumbo: Go balls out and make Soldier the game. You can still have normal gun but just have them in space low G environments and so on with gorgeous skyboxes c'mon.

Now why do these make sense to me well for 1 and 2 why the fuck else would you hire the lead on Dead Space other than to have him make a 3rd person game or a horror (zombie) game. The third one is more wish fulfillment on my part but hey.

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Also going to say it is a HUGE mistake putting out the 3ds version first. WHile it is without a doubt going to sell 10 times more copies putting out the 3ds version first is tantamount to throwing the WiiU version under the bus as a large number of people would buy a wiiu just for smash and now not only do have to but dont even have to wait for a 3ds version. Yes Nintendo knows where their bread comes from at this point but hell if their doing this why make a WiiU version at all?

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Ah yes final destination mode where everyone who uses it is automatically flagged as an asshole. Seriously why is the community for these games so damn toxic.