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I'm gonna say this here so Mario Party 3 has an item to increase the turn count 5 at a time...

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  • First permanent price drops on both consoles with the Xbox One going to $329 and PS4 hitting $349
  • Nintendo releases a new model Wii U gamepad and pisses off everyone who owns a Wii U even more
  • After the New 3DS launch in the US a month later they announce their new handheld because fuck it man
  • Sony Announces a Vita 3000 with Micro SD card support (Wishful thinking I know but goddamnit)
  • 9 more Dynasty Warriors games will be released
  • Koei Tecmo will try to stay relevant and release something Ninja Gaiden
  • Bandai Namco will seriously piss off souls players by making them pay full price for the Scholar of the First Sin edition on PC
  • Persona 5 gets pushed to 2016
  • Whatever platinum releases is an amazing game that is critically acclaimed and no one buys it because the general public sucks
  • Microsoft announces Minecraft is moving off java modders loose their collective shit nothing really changes
  • The F2P IOS gold rush flames out spectacularly as Zinga and a number of other companies go private again and go out of business
  • Nintendo still doesn't admit Earthbound/Mother exists
  • Zombie games still inexplicably popular
  • Game of Thrones catches up with the books and HBO starts hitting GRR Martin with a stick to make him write faster
  • Nintendo Still doesn't admit that Prime is a better Metroid than Other M as the announce Other M 2 ultra space baby edition this time we're seriously guys
  • Zelda is pushed to 2016
  • Hints about what Nintendos' new home/ portable console hybrid leak in Q4 is announced at E3 2016
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars is released in August
  • Ubisoft actually sees how people are reacting to their half finished products and this year we get AC: Victory but no other annualized sequels and it begins a Call of duty esque 3 years cycle of AC, Watch Dogs, Far Cry
  • Halo 5 bombs horrifically as it launches as broken as Master Chief Collection and breaks the Halo formula a bit too much but also doesn't go far enough for the COD style crowd
  • Call of Duty goes back to modern times and is boring as hell compared to AW
  • EA stops making NBA Live
  • Battlefront 3 comes out and is glorious but on Origin only PC sales are limited
  • Zone of the Enders teased pre E3 its a mobile game
  • Metal Gear HD Collection for PS4 and Xbox1
  • the final Starcraft 2 expansion released its kind of mediocre
  • New Diablo 3 Expansion adds a new class and a new act as well as pvp finally
  • Borderlands Trilogy for PS4 and Xbox1 includes all 3 games and dlc
  • Resident Evil 7 teased at the end of Revelations 2 announced at E3 they learn nothing from 6
  • That Godzilla game for PS3 comes out and is awesome
  • Xenosaga HD for PS3
  • Wii U drops to $250
  • Machine Games gets to take a crack at Quake it turns out well
  • DooM beta launches and its awesome no release date
  • Telltale has over extended themselves and has to limit the number of projects they're working on GoT comes out just fine Borderlands not as much
  • Doublefine is just fine Massive chalice sells well come to Vita and PS4
  • Broken Age breaks even nothing more
  • Iron Brigade 2: Drenched comes out and had to be renamed to Iron Brigade 2: Iron Brigaded because that board game asshole diversified
  • Occulus Rift still doesn't have a release date
  • Star Citizen reaches $1,000,000,000 in money down the game still doesn't even get a release date
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Well do you want to do multi media stuff like video editing or photo editing then get a mac if you want to accomplishing anything in the real world get a pc.

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Xenosaga + Gears

Gaulet Dark Legacy

Metroid Prime Trilogy

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I thought #gamergate was Frog Factions 2?

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Anyone putting Destiny in the top 10 no 20 deserves nothing but scorn that game is a barest shell of a game and shouldn't be encouraged.

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I paid for the 3g for 2 months just to see and getting messages and updating software and uploading trophy data was neat but not worth a cent let alone $10 a month.

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WOOO got the 3g version at launch free $50 Woohoo!

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I've had my PS4 since launch and I don't have the best TV but it does 1080p just fine, but since the 2.01 update I can't use my PS4 on my main TV as it continually flashes unsupported mode and cuts to a second of video then back to unsupported mode. Now I've tried running the PS4 with different HDMI cables different ports on the TV and nothing. I've tried using remote play on the vita and everything displays fine there. It plays fine on my bedroom TV where I set it to 1080p resolution locked instead of autodetect (an issue I had on the Xbox one when I first got it) and still nothing on the main TV. Whats even weirder is I plugged it in through the Xbox One and the video came up just fine. ANyone have any idea what in the sam hell is going on here?