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The demo for Future Cop LAPD contained not only the first level of the main game but also the entire multiplayer mode including a map that wasn't in the final game it was awesome!

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Saints Row 3 and 4 and Hotline Miami.

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This would be a great deal if you could pick which games you wanted instead of what they choose but O well.

Edit: Also LOL if they put NBA Live 14 on there.

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Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Two Rogue Spear: mission pack: The Urban Operations

and for a non joke answer Trenched

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RPG: Kotor or New Vegas

JRPG: Final Fantasy V

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The Xone UI is close to the worst I've ever seend on a gaming system. I have yet to figure out how to get to half of my apps to run without kinect. It's been getting better but my god they need to bring back the guide meadow.

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Halo 1 story Halo 2 multiplayer

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I've said it once I'll say it again I don't agree with how she says anything but the general gist is totally right on she just really really needs to tone it the FUCK down. Feminism is a good thing as all people deserve rights but jesus christ put down the spear.

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Let it all end I say... Also this

@crithon said: