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50x the square footage and a mission designer who isn't stuck in a loop.

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I could care less they're not me so they're entitled to their opinion. Though I will say I get somewhat irked if they like something I don't if only because they talk about stuff I'm not a fan of more.

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This is so good. Now we can hope to see Avengers vs. Dr. Tracksuit

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They just got back from PAX and release season is ramping up I think we'll be ok.

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Star Wars was only double what they'd pay for Minecraft. Think about that.

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Future Cop NYPD goddamnit I'm never gonna see it am I?

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1. Trials Fusion

2. Dark Souls 2

3. Mario Kart 8

4. EDF 2025

5. Godus (IOS)

6. Jazzpunk

7. Bravely Default

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The demo for Future Cop LAPD contained not only the first level of the main game but also the entire multiplayer mode including a map that wasn't in the final game it was awesome!

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Saints Row 3 and 4 and Hotline Miami.