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But if you were serious and not trolling then yeah, it's a bad thing to do, JUSTIFIABLE FOR THE LULZ THOUGH. :D:D:D

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Loved the demo. The fact that he can't handle the wall climbing isn't going to make me have second thoughts about buying it.

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Wait what the fuck? I've got a gold membership and I still can't find it.

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@WallacetheGreat said:
" The demo will be available for everyone on the 24th. Be patient, brothers. "
I'm guessing it will be gold exclusive like everything else on the GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING MARKETPLACE. 
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I'm not seeing it up on the marketplace. Anyone else has the same problem?

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@Sir_Ragnarok said:
" @Hassebla: What gave you the trouble?   The hardest thing for me was locating three walls accessible enough to detonate. Once you find those and rig your explosives, just rappel through the glass, draw some attention, and blow that shit.  "
Yeah, that part was hard. I guess I overdid my planning abit. First, the vent behind where you start, open that, run to the end use your explosive gel, then grapple up to the room with a poorly constructed roof. use it there, then line launch over to the small room with a poorly constructed wall and spray some there. then line launch to the walkways, throw a sonic batarang to where you planted the first explosive gel and lure someone into there.
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Well I had perfected all the other challenge maps before trying it. So it only took me like 2 tries. Silent Knight (extreme) took me a hell of a long time to figure out though : /
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What's with everyone saying Shock and Awe (extreme) was so hard? It wasn't. You wanna know what was hard? Silent Knight (extreme)

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@FighterOfFoo: I don't think it takes that much to hold it for one night. Arkham Asylum takes place during one night.