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I wore my BOMB hoodie to Cuba last year. After I went through customs it came off cuz that place was as hot as hell.

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So I pre ordered it for $49.99 and got this email today from Origin:

You know what they say about the early bird? Turns out your quick clicking landed you an unintentional $10 discount on Crysis 3. Well done!

Here's what happened: When we put Crysis 3 on Origin initially, we accidentally listed it at $49.99 - $10 less than the actual retail price of $59.99. However, in honor of your catlike reflexes, we'd like to give you the game at the original $49.99 price point.

There's no need to repurchase or take any further action - you'll simply get the game at the price you were already charged. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this fortuitous discount.

Finally, we'd like to thank you for pre-ordering Crysis 3. We're just as excited as you to get into the Nanosuit and test that killer bow. Keep honing your reflexes, and we'll see you in New York.

Best regards,

The Origin Team

Works for me. Now just be awesome out the box

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Yeah I've had Super Meat Boy for quite some time but was told that without a controller not to even bother playing it. My motivation for this buy was Batman AA( and of course it's sequel) as I had to take my Logitech mouse apart after ruthlessly beating thugs resulting in the internal spring to dislodge. Looking forward to its arrival as I am a 'sit on couch, use 58inch tv as monitor' pc kind of lazy guy.

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So I pulled the Newegg trigger on this magical device, a bday gift for my 35th if you will, and am wondering if it will change my pc gaming world. I just bought a glut of games, Dead Island, Deus Ex HR, The Witcher 2, My Little Pony Murder Simulator, Bastion and a handful more of Steam's priced to sell awesomeness. This isn't a keyboard/mouse vs controller question just a matter of which Steam games are more enjoyable with ye olde console controller. Thx in advance kids.

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fun fact: I'm bombed right now on a case of Keith's as I sit in SJ, NB....and yes ketchup chips do run a train on the inner lining of your mouth so beware

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@nick_verissimo: just got my t-shirt and hoodie today
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 Almost broke my mouse pasting that password to the Whiskey Media store. Going to take a wild guess that I'll be regretting my size choice on the hoodie though. 

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A little over 10 bucks for Left 4 Dead 1 and 2...how couldn't I. After dropping a chunk o'coin on two GTX 470's I should really pick a game that pushes them. Though there is something to be said about being pretty vs being real fun and shooting zombies in the face with strangers is pure gold.

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Am I playing Armored Core or is it Front Mission Evolved...sooo confused lol

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My 2 9800GT's just looked at each other, winced, and started writing their own obituary.