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So, I'm not sure what the ethics are here as far as shamelessly posting about outside blogs, but I figured it would be cool as long as I did it on my personal blog here, right? I might eventually repost my stuff here as well. Though I just spent the past six hours ironing out the formatting there, so I'm not really in the mood for moving it at the moment.

The Ambivalist

That's it, if you care. I posted a lengthy piece about my top ten games of 2012, some disappointing moments of 2012, and a bit about myself. If nothing else, you can vote what game I play next.

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I'm sorry, BioShock 2.

So my last blog I complained about BioShock 2.  I had suffered a fatal glitch and had to load up from several hours back.  While I won't contridict the ideas that I presented then(that glitch is bullshit and autosaving once every three hours is useless) I will say that I was impressed by the ending of the game.   
Clearly I decided to give it a second chance and replayed the two hours or so that I had to, which went much quicker the second time.  I got a little further into the game and found the back half very interesting.  I would also like to say that the ending of the game is far more satisfying than the awful ending to the first game. 
So I'll say it.  I judged too quick and I spoke out of anger.  I feel good about BioShock 2 now and although the story wasn't necessary to the "franchise" it did work and it did create a viable opening for another sequel.  This game is less of a sequel to the story and more of another view of the universe.  If you are a fan of the series and interested in the idea behind the Big Daddys then you might want to play this, just be warned the first several hours are very slow going. 
Alright, I just wanted to say that.

Sure fire way to make sure I say, "well, done with this game."

BioShock 2, go fuck yourself.  I vowed to finish the game today and I honestly thought that I would make it through, and that right there the idea that I have to "make it through" is pretty good sign that they fucked up the whole making a game thing.   
Anyway I was on the last area of the game, I was making progress, the completionist in me wouldn't allow for me to skip the little sisters and I've saved them all to this point so I wasn't about to give up on that.  I was on the second little sister of the area when as I was defending her second gathering session the screen got red.  I wasn't able to shoot my weapons or use plasmids.  I assumed that the game was testing to see how well I setup for the defense, at this point I was strong enough to not really bother with the traps but luckily I decided to use some turrets I just picked up and had a couple "upgraded bots" following me around. 
My defense stuff managed to take care of all the attackers while I just sort of sat there and watched.  Then it went to shit.  The littles sister finished her thing and I went to pick her back up.  My character just stood there looking, the screen still redish.  I could not do anything, just sit there gazing at her.  I paused the game and for whatever reason they decided you shouldn't be able to save during these sequences, they also decided autosaves don't really need to exist outside of the 7 loadscreens throughout the game. 
I am done with this game.  A shame because I was probably less than a couple hours away from finishing it.

GameFly Issue Paragon +25

So I had rented BioShock 2 from GameFly.  About a week went by and I hadn't recieved it, usually it only takes two or three days tops for them to send me a game.  I reported it missing and they quickly sent me another copy of the game.  I also reported it to the USPS.  A couple days passed and I got the copy they sent.  A few more days passed and I got the original copy(or maybe the second copy, that isn't clear at this point maybe the USPS got my complaint and found it).   
Either way at that point I had two copies of BioShock 2 and only one was accounted for.  I could keep BioShock 2 for free and get away with it, or more likely sell the game.  I told several friends and even my Mom about it.  Everybody either assumed or suggested I'd be keeping it. 
Here is what I did.  I sent back the second copy the next day, kept the original.  They got the second copy thinking it was the only one thus taking it off my "GameQ".  Meanwhile I've been playing and beating BioShock 2 as they process my next game.  Today, I've decided I'm either going to beat it or give up on it.  I contacted GameFly told them I had "recently" recieved the second copy and that I'd be sending it back tomorrow, Monday(the next day the USPS was open). 
Paragon +25 
Does it make it any less of an honest deed if I come here and tell everybody about it?
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New User Icon! :D

Okay so I've had the same Shaun of the Dead user icon since launch.  I enjoy the movie and I didn't mind at first.  However after a while I realized how much I wanted a unique icon, something I made.  Thing is as I posted more and more and some of you got to know me I have a fear that everybody knew me by that icon, like changing my face.  So in order to sort of let everybody know that is happening I decided to post this in my blog! 

Alright everybody, say goodbye to Shaun and his zombie friends!

And say hello to HatKing! "In my kingdom the stained glassed will picture Luchadeer!"

Thanks for your time. :)

W.I.H.O.G.(Why I Hate Online Gaming): Episode 1 People Are Great!

EPISODE I: People Are Great!


My History

Can I just say people are great?  I am not much for online gaming, not anymore.  I used to play online a lot, I started back with the release of that god awful PS2 Network Adaptor that screwed on to the back of my fat PS2.  I have played many games online though I started there with Tribes Aerial Assault then moved to PC with Aliens Vs Predator 2 and then over to the Xbox which is where I really got into it.  I played Halo, Mech Assault, Burnout 3, Star Wars Battlefront 2, TimeSplitters Future Perfect and I'm sure many others.  After that I moved on to the 360, I started out strong, I made it to the top of the leaderboards in Saints Row and I spent plenty of time on Gears of War and Halo 3 but it wore thin.  I'm not sure what happened, I think a lot of people like to say online gamers are jerks, that might have had something to do with it.  I'm paying for the service to play online though, I hate to have a significant portion of it be rendered useless to me because of them.

The Experiment

I've decided I'm not going to let these jerks ruin my good time, not any longer. I'm going to go and play, try to, online at least once a week and come back here and report any outstanding interactions I have with the community. I'm not going to be biased, if I run into somebody who is great and helps me out with a new game then I'll be sure to post that. However if I run into a prick I'll be posting that as well. Oh and you forfeit your privacy when you're a prick so I'll be posting gamertags and profile information as well anything else I manage to gather during my time with them. I hope you all enjoy this little process as much I will. 

Result I: Saturday, December 29th 2009 between 11:00pm and 12:00am

This was before I realized I was going to do this little experiment here, but this is sort of my inspiration.  I was playing some friendly games of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with a good friend of mine online, one of the few games I do continue to play online from time to time.  We managed to find a game of two on two, we were in party chat so we didn't hear what they were saying, but that was irrelevant during the match anyway.  We played a full game, won and then started a second game, a rematch.  It was very even the entire time, the first game we won by only one kill.  The second game was probably about 75% complete when I was booted from the game, then my friend was booted.   
A few seconds later my friend told me he recieved a message from xTTxSRTLOV3Rx(no I'm not making that up).  He described the message to me, the man called us idiots and cheaters.  I don't usually take much from stuff like this typically ignore it and start playing offline, but not tonight.  I thought to myself, "what is the one thing most jerks have in common?"  It didn't take long, "homophobia!"  The following is an exchange between myself, HatKing and the offender xTTxSRTLOV3Rx. 
(I responded only in text, while he responded in voice messages)  




Hey guess what?  Why don't you go camp and then suck my fuckstick, you little camping fucking bitch.  That is all you and your little gay shotgun whore niger lover did.  So suck my fucking hairy sack and then go camp on someone else's house, bitch. 




Man, are you lucky I don't feel like driving from Iowa to Illinois to kill your stupid ass, or else I would.  You stupid fucking faggot, stop sending me messages because I'm not going to sit here and read your faggy, queer ass, bitch, homo messages, you fucking homo. 


He hasn't responded yet, but I'm assuming in the morning I'll have some more racist, homophobic messages waiting in my inbox.  Thank you for reading and if anybody has some tips or recommendations at all please let me know.  As of right now I'm thinking Borderlands will be the next game I'm going to play online, I actually want to play that one online and I think it has potential for some positive results.
Anybody that'd like a way to contact this lovely individual this would be his profile
Those without the Xbox Live account to view his profile can take a look at this: 
BIO: Gotta love the MOPAR MOPAR OR NO CAR Names Josh AKA : Onion Pits My Quote "A car is only as good as it's driver,,,,,,,You take care of your car and your car will take care of you" J.T.K

Giant Blombg: Assassin's Creed 2(so far)

If you've been keeping up with my blog posts, which really isn't hard considering this is my second one, or if you've been paying any attention to my status here then you are aware I decided to check out Assassin's Creed 2.  I'm not going to beat around the bush, odds are you already know anyway, I enjoy the shit out of this game. 
I'll give you all a little bit of my history with the series.  This was about two years back, two games were coming out that I was somewhat interested in and I had about sixty bucks burning a hole in my pocket.  The games were Kane and Lynch and Assassin's Creed.  I was pretty amped about Kane and Lynch because I was a big fan of the Hitman games, so I was expecting something of that level of quality, but this is about Assassin's Creed not Kane and Lynch.  Due to the lack of information coming out about Assassin's Creed at that time I decided to go with Kane and Lynch and GameFlew(tm?) Assassin's Creed.  So I got Assassin's Creed played a few hours of it and put it back in the mail.  I hated the weird half assed missions they forced you to do before the assassinations and I hated the long winded boring ass
Loot playes, the worst scum in Italy.
conversations between flat characters. 
Anyway, several months passed and I heard about this sequel.  At first I pretty much ignored it, no point in paying much attention to something I knew I wouldn't like.  I'd say it was about October when I started seeing articles on places like IGN and Giantbomb talking about how much better it was going to be, claiming that even if you didn't like the first one to check it out.  Skeptical I started watching videos and reading articles, sure enough they claimed to address all of the issues I had with the game.  I decided I'd check it out and I rented it. 
I'll spare the details of how the game works, I'm sure everybody knows at this point.  The game is complicated, so I read up on the plot of the game I didn't complete, I was somewhat impressed and a little disappointed I didn't push through just to see the story pan out.  I popped the game in having a strong grasp of what was going on and was impressed right away with the flashback reminder thing so many other games could use(I'm looking at you Mass Effect 2). 
I have little sympathy for pickpockets, especially on their third attempt to steal from me.
The next several days of my life would be spent playing many hours of this game, I'm still not done or bored.  I have to say the most impressive thing so far would be the characters, they are really likable, Da Vinci is amazing.  Now the game may not be historically accurate, but when you're playing it you are sort of willing to look past that, I mean I highly doubt any soldiers in WWII killed 1,000 Nazis with the butt of their gun so why should I care about cloaked men with dagger fingers killing armed guards in renaissance Italy?  Point is, the story, if you are willing to look past some of the goofy sci-fi and unreal parts of it, is actually totally enjoyable.  Honestly I've never played a game where I've said to myself so many times "this could really be made into a movie pretty easily". 
The combat is good for what it is, it isn't revolutionizing the action adventure genre but it is very functional and the kills are great to watch.  I'd like to see more reason for using the different weapons aside from the aesthetics of it.  I don't feel like there is any differance between using a sword, a dagger, a mace or a stolen weapon.  The hidden blades and unarmed combat seem only different in the fact that the counters are more difficultly timed and the kills are more rewarding.  At this point I'm just using the weapons I think look the best.  Same goes for the armor, at a certain point you are good enough in a fight where it doesn't really matter how much health you have, you are probably going to kill anything before it can touch you.  In a way this is good, it is nice to forget about looking at stats and just be able to enjoy stuff for what it is, it might seem shallow but I find it refreshing after Borderlands. 
I suppose I should talk about some negatives of the game, well the great thing is that there are none.  Okay, I'm kidding, but there aren't a lot.  First would be the free running, it is a damn cool idea and it works pretty well, although it can be unpredictable at times.  I'll find myself chasing a man across rooftops when he jumps to another building I follow pursuit jumping over, but not in the same place he had, as a result the game assumes I'm diving to the haystack seventeen stories below.  There are a lot of examples of this sort of stuff, the game assumes what you want to do and gets it wrong, you'll often end up running in the wrong direction.  Luckily
My man, Da Vinci. This is not how I remember you from Assassin's Creed 2!
there isn't very many missions that have you chasing people across the rooftops, that are required anyway and you'll also get better are coping with it.  I have a few smaller gripes, the map in the menu seems relatively uncooperative, the symbols are too large and overlap each other and you can't view maps of territories you are not currently in.  The fact that the controls of the face buttons are constantly displayed on the HUD, to me, shows a lack in confidence in the intuitiviteness on the developers behalf.  There are moments when I catch myself looking up there just to make sure I am in a possition to jump to a ledge or assassinate a target.  This could be fixed with some simple in game cues.  Really that is pretty much it, I haven't beaten the game so there might be more, but I'll talk about that stuff at a later time. 
So there you go, my general impression of Assassin's Creed 2 so far, sorry that got way too long again.  I am roughly twenty hours in and can see myself easily sinking another twenty hours just messing around with distractions, finishing the story and the DLC that is on the way.  I hate to speak too soon, and I haven't played everything on my big list of 2009, but as of right now I feel like this could be my GOTY.  Although to be honest I don't much care for having a GOTY, it seems silly that I have to pick a favorite everything, like the little kids who ask what my favorite color is... who really cares?      
                                                                                              Just like in real life, I solve all my problems with haystacks.      

My First GiantBomb Blog(Blombg?): Looking back at Borderlands

So it was bound to happen eventually I suppose, here it is my first blog post here at GiantBomb.  This isn't to say that I haven't been active here, I have been posting on the forums(more recently), watching all the great videos and reading all the great articles, all since the begining(yeah Arrow Pointing Down and even GameSpot before that).  I'll try to keep my blog posts somewhat short and to the point, nobody likes walls of text. 
Tonight I'm going to talk about Borderlands.  I bought the game on release, back in October, probably owe that to Jeff.  When I first started the game I loved it, the opening video makes a really good first impression.  I was also addicted to the game for a few days, playing it pretty much non-stop and even doing a little co-op.  I didn't quite pick up on the style of game it was right away, I've never played something like that for any extended period of time, so I may have done it wrong.  
The next few lines here will probably give you a could idea of the type of person I am.  So I decided against Jeff's advice to play the Hunter class, my reasoning behind this choice?  I didn't think that many people would choose it.  I also was pretty much convinced from the start I'd be playing it mostly solo.  I don't play much online any
The Hunter
more, and when I do it is with my friends(people who I actually know).  Being that most of them wouldn't likely buy the game I figured I'd be alone.  However one of my friends did end up buying the game, although it was about a week after I did, so I was a much higher level than him(I think I was 25 he was around 5).  I played a little with him but decided it wasn't much fun being so over-leveled and jumped back where I left off in my solo game.  I am also the type of person who can ignore something sitting in my quest log, once it is there I have to do it.  I will also add that I HATE when a character keeps pointing out obvious tips in a game, like Claptrap pointing out new quests available, so to avoid hearing it I'd go collect all the quests that were available.  This sort of all combined itself into the perfect storm of me taking a really long time to beat Borderlands. 
Anyway I've finally beated Borderlands, I have to admit I was really forcing myself through it for the last few hours there.  However
These just look cool.
looking back at it I think I really enjoyed the game.  I liked the bosses for the most part, the gun collection stuff might not be for me but I enjoyed the having the variety, I love the art design and personally I feel like characters and creatures are some of the best designed(artistically) this year, I specifically really enjoy the way the spiderants look.  I wasn't a big fan of the insane amount of fetch quests, I got to the point where I really hated some of the environments because of constantly having to go back for dumb quests.  I also disliked Claptrap, he was a character that was designed to be iconic but kind of came off annoying.  Also I have to say the story was just poorly done, although that isn't what really kept me going through the game.  So it took me just under 32 hours and just over a month to beat, but I did it.  I'd be up for some co-op I think, if my buddy wants help getting through it. 
So now I'm looking for a new game to play.  I looking for something that doesn't require as much from me.  I don't think I could endure another 32 hour level grind
I think this looks fun, maybe that's just me.
right now, I'll save that for Mass Effect 2.  I want something that is fun to play and will last me a while.  Right now I'm leaning toward Assassin's Creed 2, which is odd because I flat out did not like the first one.  However from what I've seen they have fixed all the problems I had with the first game and then some.  If anybody has any other recommendations, or wants to push me over the edge to actually buy Assassin's Creed 2, I'm open to it. 
So that it is it, my first Giant Bomb blog, that went a little longer than I had thought.  I hope you enjoyed it though, I'll try to post one every week or maybe every other week.  If you'd like to see more comment, the more people who read it the more likely I'll be to write in the future. 

I swear Claptrap one more word about "new missions" and I am going to lose my shit.