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I saved Duck because he's like ten years old, what the fuck.

And yeah, the Carley/Doug thing? Could have been communicated better. Doug seemed capable enough, but he didn't have a gun and know how to use it, and that alone made saving her a greater priority in this post-apocalypse situation.

Plus she was pretty smokin', and had already done you a solid by knowing what you did and not telling anyone. Like, you have way more connection to and appreciation for Carley as a character than you do Doug. It's not even a contest.

no, you take carley out because she knows too much.

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editing an ini file and slapping on a d3d9 processing dll is not "modding" and it wasnt 23 minutes, he had the pirated version and clearly was using an illegal copy for atleast a day


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Really? This was always just a joke. EVERYTHING was always just a joke.

Typical outsiders interpreting things far more seriously and reverentially than they were ever meant to be.

No, you're wrong.

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@Deusx: Maybe because he found it interesting and wanted to add more content to the website that is more then just QLs, reviews and stories about devs being shut down.

I agree but I'd rather have no content than bad one. It's the reason why sites like Kotaku and IGN are ruined right now. I may have come up as an asshole but... the game sucks. It's just bad.

You're right. You should stop posting then. :)