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@MarkWahlberg:The book is setup as collection of interviews about different peoples experiences in dealing with a zombie outbreak.

Such as someone explaining how Israel fared a lot better then other nations by acting quickly and being heartless, or how the American armed forces didn't adapt to fighting the undead and paid for it.

Its a really cool book and an easy read if your interested in how it might go down if it should ever happen.

This looks to be nothing like the book just some action film where the bad guys are people who turn into ants

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Entertaining situation.


Eh, way too much name called and stupidity, she deserves serious actual criticism and admonishment for the vast array of things she has actually done wrong. not random internet rage

Next thing this is going to turn into another Anita Sarkeesian.

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I could be wrong but Lauren Wainwright didn't threaten to sue Eurogamer it was MCV who she works for

I feel bad for her the amount of hate that's she is or about to get will be disproportionate.

At least this guy got to step down and not get locked out of his office then told he was fired for giving a certain game a 6/10

It seems Eidos Interactive ability of having PR stunts blow up in their face was included in the Square Enix deal

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This game isn't terrible but it kind of is in just how generic it feels.

Hopefully Black Ops 2 will not be as stupid at the 1st one (at least it wont have Australian accent Alaskan man)

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@MrOldboy: It keeps the same seed even when you reload so on that turn that guy is going to miss

however if you move another guy and take a shot with them, then take the shot with your heavy he may hit as the number based on the seed was just used

but who want's to quick save their way to victory

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I finished up with my best team being 4 snipers 1 support (main psionics guy) 1 assault this let me skip all making the heavy weps also 4 snipers on over watch with plasmas and imp scopes kill anything that moves

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@Zaccheus: @Zaccheus said:

I'm playing on easy, so I don't know if this even applies, but the key is to move only one guy at a time so when they trigger they just run next to you and all of your guys get to shoot at them. Also end every turn in overwatch, never ever dash if there is a possibility of Chrysalids near by. I have never been hit by one so far.

Better weapons definitely help so you can take them down for sure before they get to attack. I have had more trouble with Berserkers to be honest since they have so much health and get to move every time you attack them.

Basic rule to survive is to never dash into an unknown area. If you move normally and end in overwatch you are pretty safe. Also only have one "pointman". So that the first move you make in a turn is the advancing one so that if there are enemies there you have all your action points (except one) left. Try to avoid "bunnyhopping" your guys. I mean if you use overwatch you will get a shot off, but it's maybe not the shot you would take if you had the choice. Also overwatch shots have an aim penalty on dashing enemies (except a sniper with the opportunist skill). Always keep your options open.

Thats what I did had 2 snipers 2 heavy's in Over watch on high ground then ran an assault back and forth worked really well only had 1 wounded

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I got an assault with "All in" that really seems to fit with the run and gun, double shot shotgun to the face

Only other one I kept was "Bishop" a support that's happened to turn into a crazy psionic

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@matti00: No one else was really doing Digital games. Steam really never had much of anyone to fight with. Market only saves the consumer money when there is real competition to keep them fighting. Look at windows when vista was god awful people had no where else to go but wait for windows 7 or stat with xp. D2D and desura were pretty much all that stood and steams way and are pretty much irrelevant at this point.

There are competitors to steam that are doing quite well amazon and greenmangaming have been having sales as well atm, also desura is more about the indie scene and gog with the mass of classics

steam is in the lead but go back 7 years it was a POS now with blizzard planning on opening battlenet to other publishers, EA with their shitshow, Amazon with their customer service and backend, and greenmangaming not region locking or price gouging

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This will make an amazing HTPC not necessarily the hardware or the form factor but the large community that will hop up around it as anyone who has setup a XBMC\openelec MythTV or WMC, Mediaportal its a pain lots of fiddling having this run with a stable dis of XBMC or a fork like openelec built around it should take alot of the hard work out

I think its crazy they did not really push that in the video it looks like it could eclipse WD Live TV and they sell