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Those numbers probably don't account for people with a starter edition. While I was waiting for my collector edition to arrive I was able to play with a starter edition that was on my bnet account for some reason.

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I say GiantBomb starts giving out a "Everything in here is playable" emblem for publishers to stick in the box and certify the rare breed of no BS games. Maybe then there would be some more apreciation for it.

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@TooWalrus: The option to have a couple of friends over with laptops for a night of Diablo would be cool. The lack of LAN on SC2 cut deep into my SC2 nights here.

Hopefully with the beta starting soon there'll be some better insight on the rune system. So far I think it might work out fine to customize the skills of your char.

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Someone should patent patenting and end these dumb fights over word variations!

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When you hit a number of offerings in the same level it gives you an artifact.
The number needed is set for the level randomly and i think i read somewhere it can go up to 60 or something.

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Only heard of this game today and I'm glad I found it.
Great fun for any RPG fan and a steal at the price it is sold.

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@pyromaster222: Just sucks when they are held hostage by the big boys for so long.
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I'm also having this problem, and not only here on whiskey but also happening on CollegeHumor.
I suspect it has to do with a recent flash update, noticed it started happening after updating it a couple days ago.
Anyone figured out a solution or where the problem comes from?