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I just really wanna know what's up with gamebomb, that's all I want.

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Yeah, okay

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Alright! Thanks a lot for the answers, I really appreciate it

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I accidentally stumbled on some spoilers on the internet and I'm aware that apparently

Elizabeth is Booker's daughter. And also something about there maybe being multiple Elizabeth's? I don't know, generally unsure on the second part. Anyways, how much of the game has been spoiled for me knowing this?

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@tcsajax: Nah, common mistake, he said "most fascinating" articles, not "most sexist rape-centric" ones. I could see how you made that accident.

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Yeah, and from what (little) info they've released on the DLC packs that come along with the "Season Pass" they all seem like they're single-player focused.

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If you're on an XBOX

It's up or down on the DPAD

After you've added an item to your FAVORITES

Certain words in ALL CAPS for EXTRA COOL

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@PhilESkyline said:

@Village_Guy: I'm talking about games sold in America that you can purchase at a GameStop or Amazon. Everyone in gaming knows Japan has some twisted mindsets when it comes to females.

I mean, if you're talking about a Gamestop or Amazon, then, not any time soon. I'm sure you know how the rating system works, and, as long as the AO rating has the stigma attached to it that it does. You'll never see those games at any mainstream retailer.

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Satire? Yes

Good Satire? No

But Hey!

@Barbed_Haywire, and @chrismafuchris

seem to like it, so who am I to judge?

Still, I'm of the same mind as @BrainSpecialist, it just wasn't very well written.

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I dunno, I feel it'd be quite easy to pitch those games, and you can make anything sound ridiculous, current games being no exception, I mean.

You're this guy who fights aliens, but then there's these zombie style things, and then there's this big ring, and you shoot the ring, and it kills everything except the zombie type things, but they die 'cause they're zombie type things and have no brainsssssssssssssssssssss. Also you survive 'cause you got away from the big ring really fast.