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Thanks, Patrick! Lots of enlightening stuff to check out in this one.

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@kindgineer: Chariot can indeed be played solo; you can go through the entire game by yourself if you want. Having a partner makes it easier to explore some of the harder-to-reach places, and it's a total blast. :)

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RSVP! I'll be there! :D

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It's hard to put into words how sad this news makes me. My deepest sympathies to everyone Ryan has touched.

I got into the game development business in part so that, one day, I could show off my work to the Giant Bomb guys. Ryan, you inspired me to do what I do, and for that, I thank you.

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Hopefully this'll be available in Canada.

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Hey there, please add "Rick Mills" as an alias to Richard Mills (he's a person, not a game).  He's credited as such in a few games so this might help keep the records straight.  Thanks!

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I'm all for having more women in games and games journalism, but Leigh's constant shrilling interruptions made me grind my teeth through the better part of this broadcast.  Please, Leigh, next time you're on, pipe down, stop screaming and let other people get a word in edgewise.  You are doing yourself a disservice by behaving this way.

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I was sadly a bit underwhelmed at the content on display.  Scott Pilgrim is the one game I'm frothing for, but there was no mention of it.  Still, I can understand why it wouldn't take center stage at that kind of conference.

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Yes!  Another gentlemanly wager!

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