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Does itch.io have a method of loading up a Print-and-Play tabletop game?

I think you can set it up as a downloadable! It will pretty much accept any sort of zip file, so maybe that would work?

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@ogto said:

also, if you need prizes i got some humble bundle codes leftover that i can volunteer

Hey, so do I! That's a great idea, thank you so much! :D PM me the details, I'll set up a prize pool.

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The post for the jam proper is live here! Please check it out, organize, and get ready! :D

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Giant ROM - The Giant Bomb Game Jam


Welcome to the first (I guess?) Giant Bomb themed game jam! Since we're keeping it simple, there are just a few guidelines:

  • START: March 28th (don't start working before then)
  • END: April 5th (be sure to submit your game before that day ends)
  • Any theme goes, so long as it's related to Giant Bomb in some way
  • Do what you want, but please try not to be too crude or offensive -
    be a Giant Bomber, not a Giant Bummer!

So that's March 28th to April 5th - 9 days total, which includes two weekends. Hopefully that's enough to let as many people as possible make some really cool, really stupid games!



Any means necessary! Zoë Quinn's awesome sortingh.at site points to a ton of useful (and sometimes free!) resources for making games. Anybody can make a game! Heck, even me! :D

PixelProspector's Make Games site is also chock-full of tools and resources!

Handy Tools to Check Out

Anything is fair game! Not sure what to use? Here are some suggestions!


Awesome Stuff

Some wonderful users have made content available to help get your silly game started!


I'll be hosting the jam on itch.io, which has a terrific game jam feature! Everybody will be able to post their creations there, add them to the jam, and enter their team's details at the same time. There's even an integrated ranking system!

Are There Fabulous Prizes?

All participants will be able to rate the submissions using some GB-appropriate parameters, but all in good fun - this isn't meant to be a highly structured thing. There just may be cool things in store for the submissions that stand out in some way, so make that crazy thing you're thinking of!

Wait, What About the Cool Games That People Made Already?

Giant ROM Zero is live! If you've already made a game with a Giant Bomb theme, throw it in! This isn't the actual jam, just a place for games that were made before today!


Organize in the comments and put your team together if you don't have one, so that when the jam begins, you're all set! Keep in mind it's also totally fine to make a game by yourself if you want to, no pressure!

See you when the jam begins! :D

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@perrin said:
@roger_wilco said:

Perhaps just a minor disclaimer that empowers the community in general to disqualify any entries that are being willfully offensive/in epic bad taste? The goal here isn't to suppress expression, but simply to discourage the kind of expression that could paint the site, or the site's community, in an excessively negative light. And enforcement of such a policy could be the work of those running the jam collaborating with those participating in the jam. A bit more of a general consensus solution, as opposed to managerial enforcement.

Yeah fair enough, I think just a single sentence along the lines of "Make what you want, but we'd ask you to try not to be needlessly crude of offensive." is more than enough. I wouldn't have thought anyone from this community would go down that path anyway.

That sounds good! I'll add something to that effect. And I'll make a proper new post detailing the actual jam soon!

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@hamst3r: That's utterly fantastic! Thank you so much! :D

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Only issue is that I don't see any kind of official date or signup info. Is this just a casual kind of "do whatever, maybe chat it up here in the thread" kinda thing, or something more formal with teams and the like? Has an official date been decided? I'm seeing "some time in April", but more specifically when?

I'm updating the main topic now with a tentative time frame: March 28th to April 5th. Essentially it's a 9-day jam, hopefully enough time to let everybody make something awesome and stupid, but not too long so that people get bored or discouraged.

How does that date work for everyone?

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@hamst3r said:

I'd be down to make music for things. You can also use any of my existing music tracks, of which there are around 200 up on my site.

That's super generous of you, thank you so much! I'll add your link to the main post. :D

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Giant ROM Zero is live! If you've already made a game with a Giant Bomb theme, throw it in! The proper game jam should start in the coming weeks, but for now this allows the community to put existing games in the same place. :D