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So uh, that review contains pretty big spoilers. Might want to put a warning to that effect for people who don't want huge plot events alluded to (spelled out, really) in a review. That's actually the only problem I have with the review as a pretty big Halo fan, that someone would have so little courtesy as to spoil major events from all over the game like that without a warning.

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@Brad: Why did the UNSC lose every single M6D pistol after Halo 1? Why wasn't the DMR present in every other Halo game, despite Reach being set before it? Why were no Battle Rifles to be found in New Mombasa during ODST, just hours after the events of Halo 2 where they were littered all over the place? Because the game comes before canon, and it always did with Bungie as well (which is why there are like 5 versions of UNSC pistols with zero overlapping appearances -- it doesn't have to make sense). That might sound patronizing, but this kind of thing has happened with every single entry in the series.

They changed the sound because Halo 3's AR sounded like a toy (like many weapons in Halo 3), and they wanted to beef everything up. They did it to every returning weapon-- the Carbine lost its distinctive "pew" sound entirely in favor of a metallic "chunk," the DMR became more bassy, the plasma weapons don't sound as alien, the Beam Rifle sounds closer to a Star Wars blaster, the Battle Rifle (which I would argue is just as iconic as the assault rifle at this point, especially in a multiplayer context) sounds nothing like its predecessors. The AR in particular was never consistent. It changed from Halo CE, to 3, to Reach, to CEA. Not to say that that's an excuse for them losing the identity of some of those weapons in the audio, because I thought that was an admittedly minor problem in CEA as well, but Halo's canon - especially with regard to weapon a/v feedback - has always played second fiddle to design.

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They have only mentioned Aerospace directly a few times prior to today, and not even in a hype-creating capacity. People crying foul over them overhyping anything should realize that fan speculation was the fuel for the excitement surrounding Aerospace, and its not Bungie's fault that people on the internet have ridiculous expectations for literally anything.

Edit: As an addition to the story, Osborne has been answering questions on NeoGAF, stating that it is not exclusively mobile/social games, and that the platform is decided by the partner studio. He mentions some specific things that Aerospace will provide:

"It's not an SDK, an engine, or a platform. We're interested in partnering with independent dev teams and powering their projects up with a tailored blend of:

• Financial Resources

• An Audience with our Community

• PR and Marketing Support

• QA/Testing & User Research

• Release Management Support

• Technology & Expertise for: Web, Servers, Database, and Back-end Services"

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Wait, does the OP actually believe that?  
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Oh, I see.  Opinions.  That makes it okay, right?

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My map, Cliffside. 
 Scenic 2BR/1bath bases located in the sunny New Alaskan territory of Installation-03. Perfect for families or warring factions!
Edit: Updated version, new URL.

Meant for big team (6v6 to 8v8) asymmetric gametypes (One Bomb/Flag), since Reach is so lacking in that department (Spire is so, so bad.), but set up for symmetric gametypes, as well as Stockpile, Team Crazy King, and Team Slayer, as well as Neutral Assault.
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Yes please.
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Actually, I had a similar experience with Prototype.

All I'll say is that bosses with time limits can blow me.