DLC and Digital Distribution is the end of console gaming

Times are tough and game development/publishing/distribution/etc... isn't easy and it's certainly not cheap. But that doesn't change anything in the eyes of consumers. As a matter of fact, I would argue that "times are tough" exacerbates the issue. Case(s) in point:

- Disposable income is down overall... consumers turn to the used game market to earn/save some coin... publishers get zero money in secondary market trading and respond with online passes to take some coin and discourage secondary markets... used game prices now test consumer demand for online content by not discounting the cost of an online pass, which keeps new game prices elevated for longer periods... but times are tough and people don't want to spend as much... so developers fire back with DLC, which eliminates secondary market trading... so your COD MW3, just cost you $120 instead of $60, if you're an early adopter that wants full content.

- DLC becomes standard because that's where the "real" money can be made. And now publishers turn their eyes to a digital distribution channel. Why would you ever sell your game when you can license it for the same price?

- Digital Distribution is economically disruptive because you no longer own the game, you're just renting it forever. There is no secondary market and as such, money is left on the table because people might have bought the game at $10 but not at $20.

Don't talk to me about Steam and PC digital distribution because there is a physical alternative... console gaming.

If we move to a full digital distribution model for consoles,it creates an oligopoly where Microsoft and Sony control distribution and pricing.

- Do you really think MSFT or SNE really give a shit if times are tough for you? You currently have to pay more for the digital copy than the physical... how is this economically acceptable to consumers? It costs far less for digital distribution, why do they charge more? Some days I'm too lazy to change the disc too, but that's no excuse.

The days of the coin-op arcade came and went. The days of the digital arcade are upon us, and the days of the licensed, digital console are within reach. I urge you... Do not go gentle into the age of digital distribution. Rage, rage, against the dying of the physical media!


New HDD and feelin' good

I have run out of space on my 60gb PS3 multiple times and decided that I've had enough of it... Picked up a 500gb HDD from amazon for $70 and I'm feeling good about my PS3 again.  Transfer was easy and now I'm installing my Borderlands GOTY for for a second playthrough

Gears 2 - Social match requires map pack? Well F-U too

I was jazzed to find a code for a golden Lancer and thought... I wonder what this looks like, in-game?
I dabble in GoW multi player and decided it was time to dabble again but to play a Social Game in Horde mode I now need to buy the map packs?  I understand a reason for it but it's complete bullsh*t.  So, because I have no Xbox friends to play in Horde, I need to pay $10 to play with strangers? ...  
What is this... a loser tax?  Well f*ck you Epic and MSFT... I'm going to play Modern Warfare 2 without you on my PS3.


Thx Trials HD... FU XBox 360

Barely touched my 360 over the past 3 months.  The other night, I turn on the 360 to play Trials HD.  After about 10 minutes... frozen... controller not responsive... I turn off the system...  next day I turn it on... VOILA - 3 flashing rings.  F*CK YOU MICROSOFT. 

Conspiracy Theories?

The Girl Scouts of America is a secretly controlled joint-venture between Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig
Mario and Luigi aren't actually Brothers - Super Mario Brothers Plumbing is a franchise controlled by a multinational conglomerate
The Millenium Falcon made the Kessel Run in twelve-parsecs... then he changed his name to Chuck Norris
The Fraggles killed their creator Jim Henson and the term "Fragged" was born
Fraggles are what happens when a frog and pig mate
Reality TV is real
Achievement Points are an achievement
The King from Burger King is actually The King - Elvis himself, alive and well
Santa is an anagram for Satan... think about it