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So you think they have nothing better to do? Does Nintendo do some special give-aways to these people? The weather has been pretty nice but I still don't get it.

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Can anyone help me understand why there are kids lined up/camping out in front of the Nintendo flagship store in NYC, weeks in advance? Don't they have school? I don't get it - is this game worth waiting in line for weeks? Is there some benefit?

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If a console blocks used games, they're only shooting themself in the foot. Used games facilitate new game purchases and console adoption. The majority of people that sell their games buy more games with that money. And while I've owned every console since the NES, I would skip any game console that has enough hubris to prevent the sale/use of used games - not being able to play your disc at a friend's house is so eff-ing lame.

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Fewer escort missions...

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but what about my Virtual Console downloads? Is Nintendo going to tell me to buy them again, or will they fix it so I can transfer them over? That's all I care about

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I have no time to game much these days but this game looks cute enough to spend $3.74 on Steam today - you got me again Steam, take my money. I probably would have spent it on donuts, anyway.

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is it worth 15? I'm a little jaded after seeing Gamestop offer the first Darkness for free if you buy a used copy of BioShock. I know the Mac App store wants people to build a library and this is more of a "loss leader" than reflection of demand. but it makes me wonder when Steam will have it for 5

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I like all the talk about PS4 and integrated play but don't worry - Sony has plenty of time to shit the bed on this one. There is a ton of potential for Sony and their products but they never fail to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. In the end, there will be 10 good games worth buying, another 10 mediocre games and then a pile of crap. Some combination of LBP, God of War, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, Infamous, Ratchet & Clank, a mix of fighting games (SF/MK/etc...). As for download games ... I expect it will ook something like Apple's iPhone and iPad games, where you need to buy one version for the PS3/4 and one version for the PS Vita.

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Animal Crossing ... I can't understand anything they say. It's like they're speaking backwards! j/k ... worst voice acting would have to be Link in any Zelda game :)

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ok - you talked me into it. How much cheaper can it get ... seriously... at $5, I'm in. Even though it'll likely be 2013 before I get around to playing it.