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If I've never played Kingdom Hearts and therefore have no nostalgia at all for the series, and also don't really give any shits about Disney IP being in a game, is it still something I should play?

I played KH for the first time when I was 23-ish. I turn 34 next month, and the first Kingdom Hearts is still one of my favorite games. I know three other people who have played the game, and they are all within my age range. They all really liked it as well.

I suppose that means that there would be nostalgia for me, but I didn't play the game as an eight year old if that makes any difference to you. Granted, games have moved on in some ways since the game was released, and I imagine some parts of it will feel dated.

Regardless, I recommend the game to anyone who isn't turned off by Disney or RPG games.

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I think what is most interesting about this interview is that the interviewee forgets many times that the language he is using is jargon that a lot of people won't understand. It's as though he exists so much inside the EVE world that the line of reality between that online persona and the person he is as a human existing and interacting with people outside that EVE universe becomes less clearly demarcated. His video game language becomes his everyday language. It seems that we really do invest our own identities in the characters that we play. It's a fascinating, potentially modern way to understand the "self."