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@darson said:

@nathhaw said:

As a potential officer, that's not up to me. Because of my relatively extensive study of culture, however, I would think it would be in the Navy's best interest to place me in some kind of work utilizing that experience.

I have a feeling that they'll do anything but what's in their best interest. "Degree smegree! Go toss around in the mess!"

Although what you say is possible, most people going in will be as much as two ranks lower than I. Probably will have to go through them first, so there is at least a buffer.

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@nathhaw: What are you planning on doing in the Navy? Anything related to your degree?

As a potential officer, that's not up to me. Because of my relatively extensive study of culture, however, I would think it would be in the Navy's best interest to place me in some kind of work utilizing that experience.

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Graduated this week with BA philosophy with concentration in religious studies. I'm entering the Navy in hopes of becoming an officer. I leave Monday.

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I just heard "Somewhere Out There" on the radio on the way home (which I haven't heard in years). By the way, my favorite is Secret of NIMH, and I read the book (Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH) when I was in the eighth grade or so. If you guys are trying to think of something to pick up for reading and you liked the movie, take my advice and read the book.

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When I first started playing Final Fantasy, I didn't understand that once you purchased weapons you had to equip them. Didn't know what equip meant. I also did not understand that after selecting "fight" you could select an enemy to attack. When that enemy would die and anyone else would attack (still considered attacking that now dead enemy), "ineffective" would read on the screen. I did not know why my attacks were ineffective, but it used to make me angry. Probably didn't even know what ineffective really meant, but I knew it basically meant that my attack didn't lead to more dead imps.

When I think about this time and how simple it all seems now, it sometimes make me think of how a person who had never seen a keyboard with a different language might react in some way. I remember the first time my stepmother used a mouse for a computer. I instructed her to move the cursor on the screen, so she picked up the mouse and looked at the screen (I guess waiting to see if the cursor would react). She has a masters degree and directed a large facility for special education and delinquent kids. Very smart lady, but just goes to show how much we depend on context. She is fairly well versed with computers, iphones, ipads, etc. today, and she incorporates those materials into her classes.

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@wesleywyndam said:

S02E09 - The Measure Of A Man

S03E16 - The Offspring

These are the two I always think of as well. I have a special connection with "The Offspring," because I convinced somebody who thought they could never like Star Trek: TNG to watch this episode with me. She loved it. I saw her last week after not having seen her since last year. She was wearing a Star Trek shirt.

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"Rorie" is closer sounding to "puppy" than "Matthew" is. That's the "reason."

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So while were on the topic of tipping I'd like to know how this works. So you go to a restaurant and get your bill and you pay with your debit/credit card right? So they swipe it and then bring out your receipt where you sign it and write down what tip you are giving them. How do they actually get the tip that you gave them? Do they just pocket the equivalent of that money from the drawer is it somehow put onto their paycheck proper when they get it?

@rahkas said:


I work as a server, and for us at least, those credit tips get put into our paychecks.

On a similar note, and I think someone else brought up gratuity earlier, the people who try crossing out the grat to try and get out of it are the best. Never realize it just makes em look like an asshole, while we still get that money.

Other places allow you to take the money directly out of the cash drawer. Another way places do it is that the manager sees what your cash sales (that you have kept in your apron or pocket) are at the end of the shift and deducts from that cash amount what you have to turn in.


  • total cash sales of shift you worked : $100;
  • amount of tips written on credit cards receipts: $10
  • manager asks for: $90

A server who loses the receipt with the tip written in, loses that tip (most of the time). A server who loses all or a large part of the money he or she has collected for the whole shift might not have a job or might be arrested (not typical).

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I played Neverwinter through level 10 as a guardian fighter, but I don't think it is good enough. Probably not enough time to give a very accurate judgment of the game, but I'm fairly confident it wouldn't hold my interest over other game choice, e.g., WoW. I wonder how many of the people I see on their spider mounts are regretting that $200 investment now. If they aren't trying to convince themselves that it was still worth it, I would bet most are not happy with the decision.

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