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A lot. I generally can't listen to music with lyrics while I work, and I prefer podcasts at other times, video game music fits the billl perfectly.

That said, I don't actually buy any of it, since I am at work and have internet access I just stream it from various sources. I think I've gotten a few through humble bundles, but I haven't synced my iphone to a computer in years, so I don't have access to any of it offline.

Its a pity, because those composers deserve my money. Maybe I should buy more merch.

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I still live in the neighborhood I grew up in, near downtown LA. I think a Cart Life style game would best capture the feeling.

But to your point, Rock Star did a good job with Fake LA in San Andreas and GTA 5, so I ain't complaining.

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I Suggest playing FFX-2 with the battle speed turned way up. By the time I got Payne's super metal suit thing (I think that's pretty early) I had maxed the speed and cut te animations. It was a lot of fun, and it was pleasantly surprised when they embrace a similar system in FFXIII.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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its down for me.

also, isteamdown.com says it is down.

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I sort of hate myself for responding to a question that comes from a place like this, but I as a father of two girls I feel the urge to blunt your rapidly developing sexism.

The superficial stuff you are focusing on is NOT the whole picture. Yes, girls attend boy band concerts and also buy boy band gear. But girls ALSO attend girls band concerts and wear girls band gear. If you are going to target a single teen gender with a POP band, definitely go with girls: They will buy more obviously branded stuff and wear it/carry it around. Boys will listen, buy the mp3, etc, but they won't wear the branded back pack to school (forgive the gross generalities, this is a gross topic).

Boys are less likely to buy merch with either a boy or a girl band's portrait on it. That doesn't make boys any less stupid, you just have to market to them differently. Pop bands aren't the best fit, but pro athletes, hip-hop artist, and classic cartoons do very well: branded tennis shoes, branded audio gear (e.g. Beats by Dre), and horrible Michael Bay films make money.

If you really want to, you CAN design a girl group to appeal mostly to men. Example: Crayon Pop. Listen and watch their Korean fans chanting for them during live shows, almost entirely men. Women, and girls who aspire to be sexy women, are less likely to be interested in their image.

However, if you create pop bands for profit, it just makes more sense to market to girls. If you want to make money off boys, sponsor a skater, get his name on a pair of jeans and charge triple the price.

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Yes, but you must play QUICKLY! The key is NOT to count out each step. THE MOMENT the dice come to a halt, move your piece to its destination and do your business with the banker/landlord, while the next player scoops up the dice and does their business. The board 10 spaces on each side, 5 spaces from a corner to a railway and the dice only output 2-12, so it doesn't take long to instantly know the destination based on starting space and dice roll. Plaything this way, you can get through an entire game in a reasonable amount of time, and it has the frantic pace of a trading floor.

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console gamer, at heart.

convenience > customization.

Thats why I play all my games on Steam, on the couch, with a controller. Sometimes I miss RTS games, but not enough to get off the couch.

Zero plans to buy a new console.

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@alexw00d said:

@mooseymcman said:

I'm not gonna lie, I think arbitrary limits on campaign donations and whatnot are un-American. People should have the right to donate what they want, even if the makes the system horribly unfair and corrupt.

The idea of things being American or un-american is the fucking stupidest thing.

I assume you just mean it's not very liberal? Which doesn't make sense 'cause America as a whole seems conservative as fuck.

Of course it is un-American, what are you talking about? What does liberal have to do about it, do you even know what that means? As a dyed in the wool liberal, I gladly fight for every conservative asshole's freedom of thought and expression.

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It did force me to check out the other friday show, which was really good! As this is from someone who finds Max Temkin really boring on video. Must be a side effect of the Lang Zone.