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Order of release.

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Metal Gear Solid 3. I REALLY want to keep up with Drew. I REALLY hate playing that game.

Also, Spec Ops the line was no fun at all, but I felt like that was the point.

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crunch wrap supreme.

when I was in college, 7 layer

when I was in high school, nachos belle grande

Their current attempt at fancy burritos: not good.

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Jason is a great addition to the site.

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I have to confess I've been disappointed by the membership shirts the last few years (been using my coupons on Flight Club, throw back, etc), but I would by a full set of these. It hits so many pleasure centers, and brings me back to a time when I actually wore ridiculous things like those Jim Lee X-Men tees.

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The Forums

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Wait, are you literally done all of the games you own on Steam and don't even know what to play next because your wishlist is also empty, or have you just purchased everything on your wishlist at present and are asking us to support your addiction of buying more games than you have time to play?

the latter. the list is empty, many games uplayed.

I guess I am asking how to repopulate before the next seasonal sale?

so far I like the recommendations: shovel knight (I think I should spend more time with rogue legacy first), and using isthereanydeal.com (no idea if that is a real site or not).

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I am a very frugal gamer, so it comes at a shock that my Steam wishlist is now empty (after the Metro Last Light sale a couple of weeks ago).

What should I do now? I play games very slowly, so I could just stop adding games, but I find that I have difficulty remembering well reviewed and "important" games, so maybe I should stock back up?

Or maybe I should just buy a console....

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"...just can't seem to get the hang of navigating in a 3D space"

that just takes time, relax.

My ex-girl friend didn't play any games when we were together. After about 10 years of no contact she messaged me on facebook (she had just divorced), and in that time she played a bunch of games. Not with me, of course, but the point is you can't make time move faster because you are impatient.

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@dazzhardy: No, @shawns is correct, that is clearly a name of a species, not an individual. I don't see how anyone could read that as the name of an individual on its face, and in the context of the caption it is clearly denoting a species (like Homo Nintendonus, which is not Mario's name).

This suggests that an "Evil" Yoshi would be of species T. Yoshisourus Munchanintendonus, a Yoshi that eats Marios.