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As an American, this is appalling, although it appears that the Australian voices (?) on this thread do not agree, which is just confusing to me. Protecting culture is a government role? That sounds... I don't know, religious? Whatever. But I would like to point out that all the "this isn't censorship because you can still import" is Ca-Razy. That is only true because there is a huge, free market available that makes these products commercially viable despite the sales restrictions in you country. Is this acknowledged? Is it a case of having your cake (protect Austrailia from un-Australianess) and eating it too (enjoy un-Austrialian delights made possible by markets that are forbidden to exist within AU)?

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I continue to see no reason to invest in anything other than PC gaming.

I'm still fucking pissed about the $150 I spend on Kinect.

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How should I know how old you are. Did you mean "Can you get life insurance at your age..."?

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I just wish it kept better fresh. Brussels sprouts will keep on the stalk for a good long time, spinach is compost in a couple of days.

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Sometimes I am amazed at how much people pay for things they don't watch. I've never paid for cable, but my cable company (which is my ISP) has been trying to shove it down my throat by raising the price of my internet connect, and then offering bundle deals (TV + internet) that are very close to what I am paying for just internet. You know what? FUCK THEM. as far as my kids are concerned, Giantbomb IS TV. They've never even seen "regular" TV.

Not that I am suggesting OP has cable or anything, I actually assume he is not in the US and a sub may indeed be very difficult to come by. But I am not rich, and regularly make decisions about what my family can and cannot afford (and that responsabillty SUCKS), but $50 a year to send a message to CBSi that they should keep the lights on at Giantbomb? Priceless. (Although I assume Jeff knows that he could get that money for a bi weekly, one man podcast, but he likes to think bigger than that.)

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exception made for non native speakers. In their case, its is charming/endearing.

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Since you asked: I step out of myself for the job, I am much more outgoing at work, because it pays dividends. The fact that I am actually very unsocial rarely comes up. Instances that come to mind are when coworkers mention facebook, because that is strictly for family and real friends and I will never add a current coworker, or when someone leaves, because I absolutely know I will not Keep In Touch.

After about 15 years of working in the same industry, I have a couple of observations of myself to offer:

  • Little of the social ease I express at work translates to home life; I am a gregarious and friendly coworker, yet I almost never speak with my neighbors (and fellow home owners) and when I do I am very nervous.
  • Social skills are invaluable. I don't mean being intrinsically social, I mean being able to turn it one when necessary. I supervise other employees (as in sign their timesheets, which means approving or rejecting their requests for schedule changes due to finals, dead grandmothers, etc), provide training for contractors, and do presentations when necessary. Never by choice, and not without some nerves before things get started, but once I am in the moment, it takes a life of its own and I am pretty good at it.
  • For the most part, people are in their own world's (as I am) and really don't give a shit about you on a personal level. I take this as a huge relief.
  • Don't take other poeple's word on who is or isn't difficult to work with. People generally aren't looking for fights, so go into every interaction with an open mind. It is entirely possible that the "friends" that warned you are the difficulty ones.
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As and American: absolutely not. Show me Probable Cause, or maybe (if the circumstances warrant) Reasonable Suspicion.

To be clear: When crime is a minority behavior (whilch is almost always, hell I can't think of a time it isn't, the assumption MUST be innocence.

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Just to clarify to The international users out there: I am a 36 year old America and I have not idea what this poll is about, let alone have a strong opinion about it.