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I could really do with an invite if anyone has the time.

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Same thing here.

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Gaming is already the single most expensive of the major entertainment mediums and just keeps getting more and more expensive. Pay to play, DLC, Twitch subscripts, patreon exclusives and now paid mods. I feel like this thing I love is trying to drain money out of me at every possible opportunity.

You may say "thats just business" but I can buy a book, movie or album without feeling like I'm being nickel and dimed why is gaming so damn different?

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I got Legend of Zelda collection for the Gamecube and a SNES classic controller for the Wii from Club Nintendo UK/Ireland. Can't complain its more than Microsoft or Sony have ever given me.

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At launch with the Bungie name, advertising and preorders I'd say its going to sell very well. When it comes to long term who can say? Is anyone playing Titanfall anymore?

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It will be a sales success, much like Watch Dogs that is pretty much guaranteed. What is up in the air is critical and consumer reaction.

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Unless something major happens later on in the game, unless there is a Dark Souls style "Ah Ha! I need to read the item descriptions!" moment I'm guessing plot is one area reviewers are going to come down hard on. With all these years of development, all of the creative minds gathered to create this game it had to be deliberate right? This is how they decided they wanted this game to be?

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Did Bungie really spend all this time on setting and lore building and not bother to write a plot? Why the heck am I running around doing MMO fetch quests? Why am I listening to Dinklage-Bot and Johnny no face? Why should I or my character care about any of this?

Its not just the lack of traditions storytelling, there doesn't even seem to be an attempt at Ico/Dark Souls style environmental story telling. So far every character in the game could scream WE ARE BEING MYSTERIOUS in your face and you would have much the same experience.

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"Microsoft offered corporate and obscene amount of money to make this happen. There is nothing we can do about it. Please don't hate us"

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I wish Ubi would put out that mythological PC performance patch so I could decide if I like this game or not.