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Well this is likely horrible. I wonder how long John Carmack will stay at the company now.

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I'm having the same issue with iTunes. Very annoying.

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Do you have a bluetooth dongle plugged in? In order to get the controller working I had to plug mine out. Very annoying indeed.

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Oh my God. I am so sorry, I can't believe this.

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Ok how the heck do you do this in OSX?

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Doesn't mean much on this side of the Atlantic, In Europe EULA's might as well be speculative fiction, works describing rules software companies wished their customers had to abide by. End of the day they can't alter european consumer law or personal legal entitlements.

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After seeing what happened to Tested I think Jeff and co did the best they could in a horrible situation. Would I be happier if they gone small for a while? Maybe started a Kickstarter? Hell yes but then again I don't know what bills they have to pay.

As it stands I don't think giantbomb will exist as we know it inside of a year. Yeah lets keep hope and all that but lets face it we have seen this sort of thing happen far to many times

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I propose a new rule of the Internet

Rule 48: Money will kill the things you love.