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I got him on my second try with a level 8 jew. Would have beat him in my first try but didnt realize some of the bullets the agents shoot could be blocked

I used speed potions every turn with both characters (probably the best potion in the whole game) and i used my bar darts with a gross out mod to get him bleeding quickly. By time he brought the agents he was half way dead. Then i used bar darts some more to make them bleed as well. All the while im using professor choas with butters every chance i got.

Surely its the way im specced and what have you but that fight was cake consider all the horror stories i heard before going into it

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I just finished up the first part of paper trail
I find it to be an interesting way to deliver new content but said content seems like it may be a lil lackluster

Also, I don't think they'd give us paper powers cuz honestly, the paper trail stuff is suppose to roll out over 6 weeks so why give us a new power when most people would have already beaten the game and there isn't much to do? Additionally, the way the narrative is set up, i don't see how you could start a new game and some how already have the power or incorporate it into a new game

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@awesomeusername said:

I have to disagree about the super moves though. I used it more on my good playthrough. It was tough trying to get a super on my evil, expert playthrough. I don't even remember using supers. I found it dumb that you were timed for your super when evil.

I mentioned this on a few other boards and people thought i was insane. It really had me to the point where i felt like i was playing it wrong or something (even though this was my second playthrough) In most instances i felt like there were only 3 or 4 dudes around at any random moment so to make up the difference to get the karma bomb so those kills wouldn't go to waste, i'd then have to run around the map intentionally looking for enemies before the timer went away.

If not that then it'd be where i'd find myself in a battle with like 10 guys but it's clearly at this moment that i'd want to have the karma bomb and i don't. So i kill the 7 guys i need for the karma bomb but obviously there's no point in wasting on 2 or 3 guys so i leave it saved up for the next time i found myself overwhelmed and at the end of the day it just led me to be far more conservative (in a playthrough that's all about recklessness) with my karma bombs much more so than on my good playthrough where i was doing orbital drops like nobodys business

I also felt like my health was more of an issue than on my good playthrough. The good upgrades are geared towards you receiving health and living longer so i felt far more confident in standing my ground in battle and combined with how easy you can get karma bombs, i felt like a superhero. But on my evil playthrough, for me personally it was more guerrilla warfare tactics and feeling like i didn't have the super moves at my disposable as much as i wanted.

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@handlas: i got the platinum and in regards to the evil story/ending. Its just laughbly terrible. I literally laughed thru half the end credits from the last cutscene on my evil run.

That being said the game was super enjoyable. The fact that i playthrough it twice and 100% in the very weekend it came out is a testament to that. My big gripe is that there arent a lot of story missions and the side characters serve a very specific purpose and once thats done u dont hear from them

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the upgrade tree..FUCK THE UPGRADE TREE!

Took a google serach to find out that you can't do the disarm and destroy takedown until you do a particular side mission.

This is completely assinine considering I've maxed out virtually all possible upgrades and i'm at a point in the game where there's gunman and snipers every got damn where but have no idea who the hell Bird is or when i'll be able to access this side mission, that the game never tells you about in the first place, to get this pretty basic, yet crucial takedown maneuver.

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@jarowdowsky: My lord was this frustrating. A simple long hold of the back/select buttons would have been a simple fix

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@demoskinos: yeah its sad because there are some genuinely good things here but some stuff just seems like a step backwards and makes lil sense

My second point of contention after about a day of play is the upgrade trees. They're not thought out very well.

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I'm glad im not the only one who experienced this. I saw brad quickly highlight this in the quicklook but i didn't expect it to be as bad as it is

I almost feel like they implemented a fast travel system due to the gimped traversal. I don't particularly think the city is big enough to warrant multiple fast travel points to be honest. Not to mention if traversal is actually fun, people will naturally do it anyway. At most all they need is two fast travel points; one in each part of the city that the bridge separates. I remember people complaining about AC's horseshoe shaped world but i'm not a fan of having to cross this one bridge to get to different ends of the city especially when you can't grapple half the stuff on the damn bridge to help move you across it quickly

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@galacticpunt: i'm surprised i never got around to playing this although i heard good things.


yeah this is something i had problems with in AC as well. I have to hold X/A to glide but if i want to grapple to ledge thats higher than me and a bit off screen i have to position the camera with the right stick. Not fun

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Seriously...wtf? There are so many buildings and environments that clearly look like they should be accessible (flat roof tops, unobstructed ledges, parts of the bridge, etc) that you just can't grapple on to.

It was something i immediately noticed once they let you free roam but it reached new levels of annoying when i was going around completing the anarchy sidequest. Trying to get one from side of the city to the other felt more frustrating then it needed to be when there's buildings/ledges that are higher than you that you just can't grappel by any means

Not only that but it also feels inconsistent. The smokestacks from the arkham city area of the game, are perfectly scaleable, as they were in AC, but there are buildings in other parts of the city just as high, if not shorter in some cases, that just can't be grappled.

I don't mind the idea that the game is just more of AC with not much innovation but fuck up the traversal in a open world environment, (where a lot of people derive a lot of their enjoyment from [how easy it is to get around]) especially when it's a superhero game and one that your predecessor executed perfectly well.