Web Law Enforcement

We needs cops in the tubes. What I'm talking here isn't about game piracy though, it's about viruses, worms, spam and trojans. Law enforcement should be able to find the senders of these files and either block them from the internet of the country or shut them down. Blocking them would be easy enough, China uses that system to block access to information it deems "inappropriate" or "treacherous". Of course, checks and balances would make sure such offences by the government would never happen. As would a well worded bill. Even if you wanted to simply shut them down, it is not easy to do so. A lot of viruses come from the Eastern Block, Asia and to a lesser extent South America. Though some of the smaller countries are now being pressured and are trying to pass laws to prevent such data to be sent out, larger ones are positioning themselves so that they receive some form of compensation for shutting down users. Sometimes, these requests could be related to a blog or news site that criticized their government. And so you are left at an impasse, you want to shut down the makers of these viruses but you can not do so without the cooperation of all those involved. It could be that we need to adopt such a firewall not out of need but out of necessity.