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@Sweep said:

Currently arguing with a bunch of people about this on Twitter. I agree that the From Dust DRM situation is a total mess. What I do not agree with is people treating it as an excuse to pirate the game, as though poor DRM entitles them to free content. It's fucking ridiculous. If you don't like the way a game is being sold then don't buy it. Vote with your dollars, bones, rupee's or gold coins - piracy is just counter productive.

Isn't that going back to the whole "is it really stealing?" vs. "of course it's stealing!" ?

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@Koshka: I wish I knew. I know I was unhappy and didn't buy the game because of it.

I guess it could be similar to the EA/Valve thing where Valve could be wrong but they have so much goodwill from the last decade that EA can't do anything "right".

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@AnotherSomebody: I hope you didn't buy Starcraft 2 then.

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I know that DRM stays on your comp always and I don't like that. My first game that I knew had DRM was Spore. What is the reason that people don't want the always on the internet form of DRM? How is it different than always having to have an internet connection for an MMO or multi-player(<--- real question)?

The difference being that there is no need for you to be connected to the internet once you've authenticated that this game was purchased (I'm even iffy on that). Once you've told the publisher that this a real copy, you shouldn't need to be connected in a single-player game. People that live in rural areas or just have bad internet (drops in and out intermittently) will get booted out of games like AC II. Allegedly that changed with an update but every time a story like this comes out it makes me less likely to buy their game.

If you go to a cottage or go on a trip (plane, car) and you have no internet, you won't be able to play From Dust because it needs to talk to Ubisoft first. That's the problem with that scheme.

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@Veektarius said:

This news post panders to the anti-DRM minority, where the issue of a required internet connection has literally no impact on the average user, and concerns about authentication server availability are conjured out of principle rather than likelihood. If you want to take Ubisoft to task, do it for the shoddy port, when more than one member of the staff explicitly said that PC was the place this game could really shine.

I just don't understand how artificial limits on how I can play a game are validated by people that wouldn't have bought the game regardless of DRM.

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@Poki3: Both games are consistently in the top 10 games played in Steam so it still has some life in it.

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I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

And yea...

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When's Torchlight 2 out?
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One less game to buy

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Seems odd that you could deem a video of a game as copyright infringement. Shouldn't the whole package be considered? The fact that someone is watching a video means they've already been taken out of the interactivity (ie: What makes a game a game). You're just watching some shitty storytelling.

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And I was so excited for it coming to Steam...

Would it be dirty to buy it if it's helping those poor souls that worked on it or will I just be exasperating the situation? I'm not really concerned with not playing the game