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@Kontrapunkt: But aren't most desktop CPU much faster now? Tri, quad, hexa cores? 
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I'll give it a shot like I did Heroes but I'll end up going back to playing Bad Company 2 cause I can.

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Yes I am, but it appears Top Men we're already on it because it's all cool now.  

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I'm surprised that no one has had this issue so it leads me to believe the problem is on my side.  Couldn't find another topic in search either. 
Using Chrome and Firefox on page load the related pages appear normally but as soon as a I click another tab, it is blank (black). Going back to the first tab which initially loaded shows a blank box. The box does resize tough I can't be sure if it is the right size for that tab. The box does however seem the right size on the first tab, so take that as you will. 
I'll post a screenshot if my explanation was inadequate. 

Also, Windows 7 64

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