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Jesus, Doc Brown really let himself go

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Nothing is more authentic then 2112

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Aaaaaw kittie.

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Sounds promising?

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My guess for the cabin on the lower deck would be that since it is positioned lower it  offers the pilots a better viewing angle. Although I don't have any basis to make that statement. That being said, of course the Boeing is better lookin'

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I'm getting some horizontal black lines depending where I scroll there can be none up to 4. Sometimes simply scrolling up and back down removes the lines. It seems to be black with a gradient towards alpha. Using Chrome Beta. 
EDIT: Upon further experimentation, the line appears to be coming from the overlay/status bar/awesome thing a the bottom. "Minimizing" it simply makes those lines the same size as the minimized bar. It seems to be the "shadow" of the bar thats not repositioning correctly like the rest of the bar.

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I'm getting some weird horizontal black lines. Never had that before.  Using Chrome Beta

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@Haoshiro: I did not know that. Very cool. Get too it GB.

I know of a workaround for Firefox but I didn't know they officially supported h.264 though. 
IE has a plugin that acts as Chrome. At least to support html5 video for Youtube.
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@Haoshiro: Just curious but would they need to purchase a licence to be able to encode their videos in h.264? And even if they did, wouldn't this mean it would only work for WebKit browsers like Safari and Chrome, leaving Firefox and IE behind?
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Considering the iPad has only slightly upgraded specs over the iPhone, I'm personally not surprised that the game looks quite similar to it's iPhone counterpart.  There most likely won't be many games that can produce graphics of quality comparable to even a netbook.
Guess: the high resolution they are touting is probably them making the game run in the native resolution of the iPad instead of going the DS XL route and blowing up the same game.