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Man, must have sucked to get that reply! Super friendly by the Skullgirls representative to handle it this way.

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This makes me more sad than I could have imagined. You brought me so much laughter. Thanks for everything.

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I used to love Giantbomb, then it took a Gamespot to the knee... 
...nah, I totally believe the guys will turn this into something awesome!

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I think you are missing that a single-player campaign can be fun and entertaining to play through because of the gameplay even if the story sucks. If you ask me, that's the case with more than 90% of the games out there.

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Grim Fandango. I love that game. So much that I took it out behind the dumpster and defiled it so I had to buy a new fresh copy later. Good times. 

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Sounds to me as if you've already made up your mind. If you have an itch, scratch it! I for one wouldn't want to play ME on consoles 'cause I think the controls are clunky as hell on the  360 ver which is sad 'cause I like the controller.

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I've never been a big fan of the Halo games, it's probably the most overratted franchise out there in my mind. But I'm giving Reach the benefit of a doubt and will be picking it up day one tomorrow. So I say go for it!

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Wholeheartedly recommended.

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