God the world seems wonderful

I don't know why but i feel so incredibly in love right now this is probably a strange thing to say on a gaming website but hell this is my only blog.

Me and my girlfriend have had the most amazing day together and we didn't even do much we just spent time at the house but for some strange reason i loved every minute of it.

But about gaming I got my Red Mage on FF XI to level 5 for some reason i cant get into that damned game maybe its the WoW in me but i just keep comparing it to that game maybe ill get more out of it if i keep playing  but i just don't know


Today has been well...Interesting

So i had some community service to do cause of a speeding ticket so i went and worked at the school most of the day.\
As i was riding home i was listening to some Tunes (Coheed and Cambria mostly)  There is just no better feeling to me than being in a car all alone cranking the radio loud and jamming out to some music it just puts me in the best fucking mood possible
Its about 330pm right now and I'm hoping to play some games today.   I'm actually in a rather good mood today so I'm hoping that doesn't change in the latter part of the day.....

More to come later

"So start with the drumming, Tell them your coming"
Coheed and Cambria


Maybe i Was depressed?

I don't know why i said the negative things i said about my relationship with my girlfriend in the last blog post i just must have been feeling emo.

I love her with all my heart and hope it stays that way forever

Also im actually starting to kinda enjoy FFXI a little more that i have played it a bit I have a Tarutaru Red mage

In WoW my main character is a lvl 70 Tauren Druid on the Ravenholdt server


Gaming feels so Meh right now!

      I bounce between so many games right now WoW is one of my biggest obsessions but i just don't know why i play it any more i seem to feel its just pointless.

Army of Mediocre

I recently bought FF XI for the Xbox 360 and cant really seem to get into that too much and i don't know if i ever  will.

Also Ive been trying to get into Army of Two without much success the game just seems to bore me to no end maybe i need more online friends i'm not sure but hopefully my boredness with gaming will stop soon

It seems as though my life is becoming just a big pile of apathy.

                        Me and my girlfriend don't seem to get along as well as we have in the past and i cant understand why so i turn to games to try and make myself happier but it just doesn't work.