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Thanks for the suggestions. Back in the day i probably played a good 20-30 hours before I got distracted by other games/life. When I used to play I had a couple of characters, one that was just for laughs (a caestus wielding puncher), I think I started a cleric, and then I also had as my "main" a pole arm/shield/magic user.

I think what id like to try this time is something both a bit challenging but fun. Was thinking either full melee STR build or possibly an archer? As I've never really played the game either of those ways. Any suggestions on builds centered around those?

I'm also kinda into the whole "theme" builds as well (y'know where you pick a character from a show or another game or something and try to make it in game) but I can't seem to find any characters that interest me. Any suggestions here would be welcome as well! (Coolest/dumbest build I found so far was a dual xbow char on reddit lol)

Thanks again guys for the input!

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<p> but i'm at a loss as to what kind of character to roll...tried scouring the webs and was unsuccessful in finding anything that piqued my interest. So, this leads me to the GB forums...not sure how populated the DS forum is any more but I figured i'd ask.<br /><br />Any character build suggestions for an old DS player coming back to the game? </p><p>(also, just fyi, i haven't payed the game since AotA released or since they rebalanced(?) a lot of stuff in that 1.?? patch)</p><p>thanks for the help!</p>

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hahaha these are pretty fucking rad man!!!

5 stars all the way

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was not expecting this...

...as has been expressed by some others hopefully you guys can keep the sites separate.

congratualtions? i guess?...i mean congratulations!...i guess.

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@MonetaryDread said:

I'm rocking a +5 Lightning Zweihander as my main weapon in the game. The sword does something like 360 base damage, plus another +360 Lightning damage. It is powerful, but the lightning upgrade path removes stat scaling. So my question is, at the higher levels of strength, is it better for me to stick with the lightning path, or use something like divine or go +15 without any ascention? If the stat scaling of the weapon does make a certain path more powerful, how much strength (it is normally a strength scaling weapon) am I looking at here? 50? 80? 129?

I too am curious about this. i've been masochistically punishing myself by using fist weapons as my primary source of damage and was curious as to whether or not a +15 set of Claws would be better than a +5 set of Lightning Claws...

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@arch4non said:

I'm thinking of adding the Force miracle to the build, crowd control is a big issue and it's only going to get harder in later areas. Force has a very low Faith requirement (12), plenty of uses(21), and it doesn't actually harm enemies. It just pushes them back, something I guess would fall in line perfectly with Ken's intimidating presence.

totally add force, i'm using it for that very reason on my punch-lady...well also because i've decided to add miracles to my build...but still force does come in handy!

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hahaa i guess i'm not the only crazy person running around with a punchy-build. i'm eagerly anticipating seeing how this build works out

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@BoG said:

Moved to Dark Souls forum.

I really hope that's the right one, I know absolutely nothing about the game.

ah sorry...was this not posted in the dark souls forum??? I could have sworn that was where i posted it...sorry if it wasn't and much thanks for moving it!

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@kingzetta: ah wait what about if you try to farm them before you join the covenant? can you farm them without making it so you're not barred from the forest hunters?

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@kingzetta: ok that's what i thought, thanks!

@crusader8463: oh such cute kitties!