Heated Opinions: Stop ruining my $10 movie theater experience.

This blog is inspired by this thread on Screened.com, which is a thread discussing various things that ruin your movie theater experience. Here's my beef with 2 major grievences. 

The First

I absolutely cannot stand people who applaud or cheer at the movies.

I don't have a problem when people laugh out loud when something is funny, or even have to do a knee-slap or single hand-clap when something is so insanely funny or shocking in an 'oh snap!' kind of manner. But when a full out cheering or applause occurs in the middle of the film or even at the end of the credits, it makes me lose faith in humanity. THE ACTORS CAN'T HEAR YOUR CHEER OR APPLAUD THEM IN THE THEATER. PLEASE STOP

The Second
Grown adults who cosplay at the theater for a specific movie.

I swear to god, I don't need to see someone dress up as a comic book character everytime I see a comic book related movie. I get it, you like Spiderman, and you own a Spiderman mask. I get it, Batman is a big deal and The Dark Knight is an instant blockbuster. I get it, you like Star Wars so much, you decided you need to own a Stormtrooper costume. But come on, I don't need you running around the aisles to further put the stereotype of nerds in an awkward and strange light in public. I didn't really want to list this grievence because I know it will put me in the position of being called an 'elitist nerd', and sure, maybe it's a character flaw of mine that I can't deal with something that I feel is strange or don't understand. But in all seriousness, I'd like to see anyone try to watch a movie that they were trying to really focus on when you've got a grown-adult stranger sitting right beside you donning a Batman cape and cowl the entire time. 

Am I the only person who hates these things? Just FYI, this is completely separate from people who just blurt out things or speak too loudly during a film. These are obviously other reasons to hate the theater experience, but the ones I noted above are unique to me, I think... unless other people here can prove me wrong. 
So anyways, go to that originating thread, sign up for a Screened.com account and put in your say as to what ruins movie theaters for you. Or if you're just lazy, have your say here.
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