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The tragedy we experienced today was given a new lease on life. RIP Robin Williams and amazing to see John Romero going back to his roots.

Even if this was a joking comparison of events, this is still not a sentence that any possible reality would EVER FUCKING IMAGINE.

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@video_game_king: Because they still make record players?

But no, physical media isn't dying. Will it fall to the wayside? Probably. Die? No. Books aren't dead and they've been threatened for much longer.

Books aren't the greatest comparison because they are a much more abstracted kind of medium. E-books certainly have gained a lot of ground, but let's not forget that books have been around for a very long time, especially when compared to the much shorter duration physical copies of video games have been.

It's also important to remember just how many more people are into "reading books" or "watching movies and TV", compared to the comparatively small niche of "playing video games". The economics of it is very much different.

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I'm really curious to know how many Giant Bomb users have never even played games like Maniac Mansion, Day of The Tentacle, or Fate of Atlantis. Give the age of these titles, I bet it's a huge percentage and that is just so unfortunate.

Never underestimate the amount of poor kids who have to play older, cheaper games and consoles.

I'm Patrick's age and I played Maniac Mansion on the NES in 1995 because we was po'.

Fuckin' A, dude.

The first time I played DOOM Episode 2 and 3 was in 2003. Even when it was released I only ever owned the shareware version.

Hell, I didn't even own an NES until 1995 - right around the time hype started building for the new 3D generation.

Maybe my argument doesn't exist for Maniac Mansion because it was released on the NES, but it's easy to forget just how expensive and often complex PC gaming was back in the day.

In a lot of cases of the past, you'd be considered lucky if your PC games were as simple of a process to play as "install, then launch executable" without doing things like modifying your config.sys or autoexec.bat, or some kind of boot disk process. They certainly might not be complex processes for people with technological aptitudes, but they certainly were barriers to entry.

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The more they have been expanding the worse the content and site is becoming.

Back before CBS bought them it was 10 times better.

I don't understand how they go on about needing more staff and editing videos and stuff.

They barely edit videos at all as most is just sit and play a game and talk or just taking in front of a camera.

I will stick by them in hope that things will get better but I am a bit worried that it wont.

I'm not sure you know how much work it actually takes to operate a website with a skeleton crew, let alone to put out the level of content that they have managed to release.

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Victor "I will give anything a 7 or 8" Lucas.

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I think what it boils down to me is that I don't necessarily want everything to be "new", but I want things to be "fresh" - I'd like to think there's a fairly big distinction between the two terms, even if they are related and can carry a wide grey area in between.

It's also important to recognize that just because something is either "new" or "fresh" that it doesn't directly mean something is an enjoyable experience either. It can sometimes contribute to it, but it's definitely not a 1:1 ratio - and the same can be said for something that feels "familiar".

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Absolutely loved the first - can't wait for the next.

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Never forget, you guys. Never forget.

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lets all just hope that the story is better than the last one.

Yeahhhh... Man, Far Cry 3 had so much going for it, and 80%+ of the time the shit I was having a blast playing it. But the characters and contexts for the missions were draining, so much that I'd be excited to do the next story mission but dread the exposition and general plot development... There was some alright stuff, but it was generally handled pretty poorly. The twists that result in major gameplay enhancements are awesome in action, but the plot justifications are so clumsy and stilted.

If the game's plot had ended halfway into the game at the point where you killed Vaas and then left it at you just being a psychotic hallucinating crazy person, the story would have been perfectly serviceable.