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@dylanfill: Can I ask what everyone was there for if not for Jeff? I'm just curious because I thought the event was a talk with a few people, with Jeff being one of the headliners, but I suppose I have very little knowledge of the actual event surrounding the Q&A. Was it open to the public? What else was going on besides the interview and questions?

I mean, it was advertised as one talk in an ongoing series of discussions with important game biz people. But it was only ever promoted as An Evening with Jeff Gerstmann, and not like a roundtable discussion with other gaming minds. What I'm confused about is the...older people in the audience, some of which didn't seem particularly familiar with Jeff or his work. Maybe they just really dig community events.

If you take a look at some of their past events, they cover a pretty broad spectrum - it's sometimes easy to forget that even though we're in the know about Jeff and Giant Bomb, there's still a ton of people out there that haven't (even if they are into video games).

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This is like Steam trading cards but instead of playing video games on Steam, I'm willfully subjecting myself to the Lang Zone.


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I'm sure Phil Spencer is a nice guy and it's a good fit and all, but holy fuck I get weirded out by his smug smile when he's on stage.

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Man, I am so hyphy for this, you have no idea.

@drewbert, I assume you guys may delve into other kind of racing too, right? I know it's kind of hard to talk about because it's not nearly as heavily televised, but stuff like rally racing and the WRC maybe?

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@mosespippy: Ugh. SO many bad nights of drinking Moosehead. It's a weird thing - every time my friends and I have had Moosehead, something bad always happens. It's like a curse of some kind.

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If Canadian Water is anything like Canadian Bacon, I wouldn't mind trying some.

Yeah, it's called Molson Canadian. Probably better off drinking moose piss thought.

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That's amazing odds that he was able to get both the plasma cannon and the jetpack in the mines.

I mean, not to take away from his victory - you play more tickets in the lottery and you have a marginally higher chance than others - but the fact he was able to be lucky enough to have those odds be in his favour and having the technical skill to pull that off without some other weird stupid Spelunky mishap taking him down later in the seed is really amazing.

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@fobwashed: Who's awesome?

You're awesome.

Something about this GIF being on that porn set makes this extra special.